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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rancho Altarose (day 4)

Our plan for yesterday was a hike in the morning, and a bike ride in the afternoon. The first part of the plan came together, but we lost ambition for the bike ride, so we'll get to that this morning!

We wanted to get a view of the valley we're in, and we wanted to find out if we could see the highrises of Puerto Vallarta from here. So we headed for the hills behind us. The two dogs, Reno and Missy, were happy to come along for the hike and we enjoyed having them with us.

There are a lot of trails, dirt roads, cow paths, and dried up river beds to follow in the hills. You could hike in those hills for days.

Hmm. Are we going to have to detour here? Or are the cattle going to move?

Reno and Missy were pretty quick to get the cattle out of our way!

We hiked quite a while before actually finding a viewpoint, and even then there was no actual trail to the top. And we weren't even that high up, but it did afford a nice view of the valley.

Things are pretty hazy in the distance, but you can just barely make out the highrises of Puerto Vallarta.

Zoomed in 10x

The lush farming valley we are parked in.

We were gone for a little over two hours. It was lunchtime when we got back, and by the time we started thinking about going for a bike ride, we just decided not to. Relaxed for the afternoon.

There has been only one other RV here, another Class A owned by a guy from Alberta. He's pretty much a long term resident  and the RV has actually been parked here since January. We needed a propane refill, and so did he so he arranged for the delivery truck to come. It's so easy to get propane here in Mexico, and the truck comes right to your site. There are also a lot of roadside propane stations, usually on the outskirts of any town. We filled up for 330 pesos ($25.74), about half of what it would have cost in Canada.

Late afternoon, an older fifth wheel showed up, with Manitoba license plates. There were hugs with the owners, so this couple has apparently been here before. We'll go over and say hello at some point today.


  1. Good to see you had a nice hike and that your two furry friends led the way.Maybe your two countrymen will share an evening by the campfire with you. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. Ah! Cattle dogs! That's handy.
    I didn't realise that there were such mountains in the area of Puerto Vallarta. Somehow it doesn't leap out at you from google maps. Neat.

  3. I didn't think you could see Puerto Vallarta from there it must be closer than It looks on the maps.We might be doing what you suggested but first we need to check one other option.Until our trails cross again.

  4. I don't think I would leave that place if i were there! Soo much beauty!

  5. so what are they growing in that part of Mexico?

  6. Looks like another nice spot to stay, in the country but close enough to the city if you need it, and a lovely view as well.

  7. looks like a great spot for sure...enjoy


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