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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ecocamping Los Ingenios

We had read about a new campground a couple of kms inland from La Manzanilla. So we set off yesterday morning to check this place out. It was only a 63 km (39 mile) drive.

Not much to see along the way, although you could definitely tell that a hurricane came through here in October. This area was the hardest hit by Hurricane Jova and although they've cleaned up, you can see the trees that toppled and the damage to some of the side roads is still evident.

Yesterday's drive, 63 kms (39 miles).

If you want to fly to this area, you might want to try and get some cheap tickets

We arrived at the turn off to the beach town of La Manzanilla, but instead of turning right towards the beach, we turned left onto a dirt road heading inland. In about 1 km, we came to the village of Los Indios. This is definitely a little Mexican town, but you can see where there are a couple of Canadian homes built as well. Driving to the far end of town, you get to a bull ring. Taking the road right at the bull ring, and then left before the riverbed leads you to the gate of the campground. (GPS 19.29807 -104.76182)

Sherman, parked up under the palm trees at Ecocamping Los Ingenios.

Any size rig will fit in here. You have to go slow along the dirt road leading to the town as they are still repairing the hurricane damage at this time. And there are a few low hanging branches to watch for, although I've mentioned this to the owner and I expect that they will be trimmed back.

The new washroom building.

Decent wi-fi at outdoor tables, although we can connect from Sherman as well.

They have a nice little palapa bar with cheap drinks in case you forgot to bring enough beer with you!

The young Mexican owner is Carlos. He currently has eight sites, all with 30 and 15 amp plugs, and water and sewer. Another 12 sites should be ready soon. Cost is 150 pesos ($11.70) per night with full hookups, or 3,000 pesos ($234) per month. You can contact him at [email protected] or 315-104-0449.

After a late lunch, we got the bicycles off and went for a bike ride into La Manzanilla. This is a nice little beach town, but it (once again) has too many ex-pat Canadians for our liking. Once again, most of the signs in town are bilingual, with quite a few in English only. And we saw several real estate firms, and a lot of "for sale" signs with property for sale in expensive U.S. dollars. Having been to the beaches south of the cities of Manzanillo and Acapulco, we definitely like that area much better.

A crocodile sanctuary along the way!

The beach on Tenacatita Bay looking back towards the town of La Manzanilla.

We biked about 12 kms (7.5 miles). We're going to stay here one more night so we'll do some walking around this little town. Looks like there are a few paths leading up into the hills so we'll see if we can get a nice view somewhere. 


  1. Love that campground. The palapa bar looks awesome. What a beautiful header picture. Enjoy your stay!

  2. Looks like Sherman got his pick of spots and is happy in the palms. That little bar also looks just right, a nice place to stay especially at $12 a might. Have fun and be safe out there. Sam & Donna.....

  3. Seeing electrical outlets on the sides of trees (where you've plugged in the computers)always gives me a chuckle.

  4. Gorgeous header picture. Thanks so much for all the details of the places you camp and the comparisons. I feel like I'll be much better prepared to venture way south.

    Although, so many ex pats is a disappointing. They have moved permanently I take it not just snow birds? I guess the locals would appreciate their money. Think I might be uncomfortable with the financial discrepencies as I am in my own country.


  5. great looking spot...and the weather looks divine snowing here :(

  6. Looks like a lovely spot, hopefully Carlos will do well enough.

  7. Looks like I might be finally meeting you folks, as I will be still in Aca trl park when you arrive!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog :-)

    Love the photos! Sad to think a hurricane went through there.

  9. Another lovely spot to stop for a few day snd reasonable as well.

  10. Beautiful beach and campground. I did kinda chuckle at the outdoor plumbing.

  11. Sherry...It seems that some are here permanently but we think most are still snowbirds. I am sure the Mexicans are happy with the work and money they get but it also affects the prices of things in those areas.

    Kevin and Ruth


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