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Friday, December 23, 2011

RV'ing in Mexico for under $30 a day.

I just wanted to give an overview of how much it cost for our 6 week trip (actually 46 days) around Puerto Vallarta. RV'ing in Mexico can be so inexpensive!

We drove 1,114 kms (691 miles) in 46 days. We used 310 litres (82 gallons) of fuel that cost us $235.

We spent $48.93 on toll roads.

$25.74 on propane. Of course we are rarely plugged in so our fridge runs all the time on propane.

$265.39 on groceries.

$136.89 on alcohol.

$219.49 on miscellaneous. This includes our bus trip to Mazatlan, internet access, a beach umbrella purchase, replacing my bike tire, laundry, etc.

$131.50 on entertainment. This includes meals in restaurants.

$304.98 on campground and overnight expenses. We were gone 46 days, so an average of $6.63 per night.

So we spent a total of $1,367.92 for a 46 day motorhome tour around Puerto Vallarta.

$29.74 per day!


  1. Use to be a program call The Frugal 2 could have the title The Frugal Travelers.
    I spend almost that much on gas to and from work and dinner for the crew and riggs everyday
    Donna W.
    (couldnt post under my google account again)

  2. Thats the beauty of travelling your lifetsyle around Mexico, wish we could do it , but will enjoy you travels along with you.

  3. wow thats amazing Angela and I are taking notes and we want to be like you guys when we grow up and hit the road.

  4. That really is amazing how inexpensive it is to travel in Mexico. I need to figure out how to do that up here in the USA. Yea right!! Merry Christmas.

  5. It is great to read that two people can live in Mexico for less than my monthly budget. Hope to meet you in person in a few weeks!

  6. You did good!!!!
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

  7. Alex and I were in Puerto Villarta in September for a week. We spent more, much more. I looking forward to RVing Mexico. Thanks again Kevin and Ruth. You inspire us.

  8. That's amazing! I'm sure taking notes. Thanks so much for the the tips and inspiration.


  9. good job guys!!!!! lol I couldn't help but notice you 'drank' more than you 'ate'...too funny....have a wonderful week..

  10. You must have found a few good boondocking sites to average under 100 pesos a night!

  11. Art and Gillian:

    While we did boondock a few nights, we spent most of our overnights in campgrounds. But we made an effort not to pay any more than 100 pesos per night. Most of the time we only wanted a parking space for a night or two, and didn't need any hookups. When we offered 100 pesos for a parking spot, most campgrounds are willing to accept it.

  12. Wow, that is great! And your memories are priceless!

  13. You two are the King and Queen of traveling on a dime! Hard to believe that you see and do so much for so little. Great job!
    Wishing you a Blessed and Merry Christmas.

  14. It's wonderful you can live so cheaply in Mexico and have such a great time. Fantastic climate and lots to see and do. Enjoy your Christmas!

  15. Superior! I'm going to have to go back and read about your experiences at different destinations! Merry Christmas to you two.

  16. Now if you could just travel that cheaply in the States...

    Naw, then everyone would be doing it! ;c)

  17. Kevin I followed you guys on bits and pieces of that trip. Looked like fun. Good job on keeping those expenses down. I'm impressed! Except for the booze. You need to bump that one up a bit. Just kidding. Merry Christmas.


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