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Friday, December 16, 2011

Ecocamping Los Ingenios (day 2)

Went for a walk in the village yesterday morning. We were looking for a view, and there is a new house built way up on the side of a hill so we found the road that leads up there. Very steep!

We think people who build on the side of a hill in a hurricane prone area are nuts. The house will be fine, but I'd hate to see what their entrance road looks like at the end of the rainy season. I guess they must plan on re-doing the road every year.

Hiking up the steep road and a view of the village.

Looking back towards the campground. Can you see Sherman??

There he is!!

This guy has a nice view, but building the road must have cost as much as building the house!

Then, we went for a walk along the arroyo (dried up riverbed). You can see that this would have been a raging river when the hurricane went through two months ago. Speaking of which, we have gone two full months now without a drop of rain!

Lots of erosion. Besides not building a house on a hill, we wouldn't build one beside an arroyo either. It looks like this guy lost a big chunk of his land during that hurricane.

You can see the house on the hill that we hiked up to.

After lunch, we went for another walk, this time on a dirt road that goes behind the campground. Probably walked about 2 kms each way. Along the way, we met Antonio and his five dogs! Had a long conversation in Spanish, but had to get him to repeat a lot of things, and there were still bits and pieces that we missed. But we enjoyed meeting him and practicing our Spanish. I believe we are getting better!

Ruth and Antonio with his five dogs. Facing the sun doesn't make for the best photo!

Back at the campground, we had a chat with a nice ex-pat couple who are friends with Carlos. Trish and John have been living for the last 15 years in Barra de Navidad about 16 kms south of here. Trish is in a local's their schedule if anybody in the area is interested they sound like a fun night out...

We're outta here this morning. Not going too far, at least we don't think so...stay tuned...


  1. Couldn't begin to see Sherman in that first pic with the GORGEOUS view. Glad you zoomed in on him. He didn't seem to be getting into any trouble while you were gone. :-)

    I assume the guy with tons of money to spend on redoing his driveway every year is an ex-pat?

  2. Such a beautiful area and nice view. Sound like another wonderful day!

  3. The second time we flew down to Puerto Rico, before we moved there, I remember looking up at some of the steep driveways and saying to myself (as a typical Gringo), "I wonder how they get up there in the winter?" and then realising that, it WAS winter!
    It was December! Takes a while to get your north thinking brain around the seasons.
    If the fellow who built that house paves the road, as a lot of them did in Puerto Rico, it'll help mitigate the erosion. He seems to have pretty deep pockets, and he'll need them, since either way, he'll be spending some more money.

  4. I wouldn't have built up at the top of that mountain. Beautiful views but I like knowing I'm going to get home no matter the weather. Glad you got a chance to practice your Spanish. Pretty soon you'll be fluent.

  5. Can't imagine using that road during the rainy season.

  6. What a great place to camp in an almost hidden spot:)

  7. great pictures and another great day in paradise...


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