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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mexican Christmas Feast

At 6,400 feet altitude, it does get chilly at night. The temperature inside Sherman when we wake up in the morning is around 10C (50F) so we put the furnace on for half an hour to take the chill off. But by 9:00am it's warming up outside and with the sun shining it becomes perfect daytime weather around 23C (74F).

We love the sunrises at Hacienda Contreras...

Sunrise is always beautiful here.

We went for a hike before lunch. Ruth and I had done this walk back in October, but Sal had never been this route and so we took four other campers up one of the hills overlooking the valley.

Starting off up the hill.

Getting higher up...

This area is so beautiful.

Ruth petting the horse. His saddle is made of wood!

I had a nap in the afternoon, and Ruth went and helped Barb and Luz with dinner preparations. Yesterday was the day of our big Mexican Christmas dinner here at Hacienda Contreras RV Park. 

Barb, Luz, and Ruth getting things ready for dinner.

Camper Paul with his "Santa in the Tropics" Christmas shirt!

The food is ready!

Everybody enjoying Mexican Christmas dinner. 


  1. How nice, family away from family.
    Boy Paul is really a snappy dresser!

  2. Another nice day and a great looking Christmas Dinner. Its always nice to have a feast with others on the holidays.

  3. WOW...what a spread. I am sure no one went home hungry.
    That trail is awesome. What beautiful views.

  4. That "header" picture is soooo beautiful. What a wonderful hike.

  5. For eight years I have traveled Mexico annually and have followed several blog sites. Your postings are by far the best for me to get my daily "fix" of the land and culture there. Thanks so much for sharing. Merry Christmas!

  6. Gorgeous sunrise and terrific looking hike to work up an appetite for that feast. I'd need a hike AFTER that though. :-)


  7. You have a lovely spot there.

    Just wondered how Ruth manages to eat gluten free at these places. Is it a problem in Mexico?

  8. Sandra...Eating gluten free in Mexico is pretty easy. The majority of the tortillas here are corn tortillas and most of the food is made from fresh vegetables and fruits, meat that is slowly roasted or stewed in natural juices. I don't normally have baked goods here unless I know that it doesn't contain wheat flour. Some cookies are made with corn flour, they also make macaroons. I usually make my own baked goods though. At a restaurant I don't have anything breaded. If I am not sure about the food, I either ask about the ingredients or I just don't eat it. Last night's dinner the only thing I couldn't eat were the breaded shrimp. I did have a little of the "carne asada" which was marinated in some beer and I had no ill effects from it but at the moment I only have an intolerance not full blown celiac so a tiny bit every now and then is OK although normally I just totally stay away from it.


  9. What a yummy looking Christmas dinner :-). And wow, that sunset is so beautiful!

    Merry Christmas to you all the way from New Zealand!

  10. A lovely gathering. Was this in the building? What a great job in the finishing!

  11. A mexican Christmas dinner sounds great. Thanks Kevin and Ruth for all the positive comments since I began blogging. Enjoy your Christmas!

  12. That sure looks good. There is nothing better than a bunch of Mexican foods...my fav.

  13. What a wonderful dinner...
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

  14. Envy. Looks like you guys had a real feast. Hey Kevin, maybe you could post some pics with the advance of the house and rec area at Hacienda? Say hi to Sal and Barb.


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