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Friday, December 30, 2011

Wedding #1

Just another beautiful morning at Hacienda Contreras yesterday, but after lunch we were off to a wedding!

Sal's nephew Coco was getting married. Coco and Lupita have been living in the U.S., but they came back to Mexico for their wedding, and everyone at the campground was invited! The church was in a town about 20 minutes from here, and we arrived there just before 2:00pm. It was a Catholic ceremony and that's the longest time I've spent in a church in quite a while!

Coco and Lupita

Rice and confetti.

The wedding cake

The first band.

There were two different bands! the first band was really good, and their music was more geared towards the "older" generation. There were 14 guys in this band, and they played for about two and a half hours with no sheet music. We really enjoyed these guys, they were called Mariachi Monumental de Sahuayo. The second band that came on around 8:30pm was more for the younger crowd, and they were too LOUD for us. But by the numbers up on the dance floor, the under 30's were really enjoying it.

Kevin and Ruth enjoying the fiesta!

The second band playing.

We figure that including a lot of children, there were between 300 to 400 people at the reception. We had a great time, but we all left shortly after 9:00pm because the music was simply too loud for us. But I'm sure the younger crowd partied for quite a bit later than that!

We're not going to the church part of today's wedding, just the fiesta afterwards.


  1. what a beautiful couple. Looks like a good time was had by all.
    Havent they heard of the exploding birds from rice at a wedding....suppose to throw birdseed. ( How absurd) :-)

  2. What fun!Just goes to show how friendly and generous the locals are ....and how amiable and adaptable you two are! .....finding friends where ever you go...Nice!

  3. That looks like fun. I love a wedding dance!

  4. are you sure you weren't having a little too much fun???

  5. They sure threw a BIG party to celebrate! Something for everyone. Lucky you to get to go.
    You definitely looked like you were having a good time!


  6. It is so nice to be invited to the celebrations, you can really enjoy more of their customs and traditions. I am sure the party will probably go until sunrise. You look like you were really enjoying yourself.

  7. What a fantastic experience. But I would have left when the second band started to play also. We really are older aren't we. Will probably be the same way at our son's wedding this summer.

  8. It looks like such a fun wedding! And wow, that cake is simply magnificent isn't it? Lovely photo of you two (waving to Kevin and Ruth from over here).

    Wishing you a wonderful 2012 and looking forward to reading more of your adventures :-)

  9. You have gotten me so excited. We are going to a Mexican wedding in three weeks. I hope it is as lovely as this one was. Beautiful header picture! You two took a lovely picture also!

  10. After more than 25 years here, I still can't tolerate the loud music. Looks like a good time had by all though!

  11. Sounds like a wonderful celebration. I certainly don't like loud music. It could be an age thing. I prefer the quieter life. We are in the rain here and I am envious of your consistently fine weather. Thanks for your comments on my blog the last few months. I enjoy reading about your adventures. Happy New Year!


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