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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Las Jaras Hot Springs

Fellow campers Ulli and Heinz were going to the Las Jaras hot springs in the town of La Garita and they invited us to come along. So we left just before 11:00am. It was about a 40 minute drive on the other side of Mazamitla.

It cost 60 pesos ($4.68) each for admission. First, we went into the steam room, and man was it hot! I took one walk around and that was enough for me. The steam was coming from a natural spring in the ground, and the water looked like it was almost boiling. Then, we jumped into one of the two hot pools.

Ulli, Heinz, and Ruth in the hot pool.

This pool was quite nice for a soak, but could have actually been slightly hotter. Not sure what they were doing, but the hose you see in the picture actually had cold water coming out of it so for some reason they were cooling it down. Maybe it had been too hot earlier!

Ruth, Heilz, and Ulli at the main pool.

Then we walked across to the main pool. This is the area that is more for families and they have 3 smaller tubs, the main pool, and a play pool with slides and things for kids. There is also a restaurant, and when we were done with our swim we went to the restaurant for some lunch. We just had appetizers and Heinz said they make great garlic mushrooms, so I ordered a plate of that. They were delicious but there were too many so I took half the plate home and had them with my grilled chicken for supper!

Yummy garlic mushrooms.

We arrived back at Hacienda Contreras around 3:00pm.

Yesterday, reader Judy asked about the corn fields here. After they cut and stack the corn, they let it dry for about a month. Then, they grind it up and put it into bags for animal feed.

Grinding the corn.

We heard back from couchsurfing host Jorge who owns a house on the shore of the lake at Patzcuaro. He says he has room for Sherman to park for a couple of nights, so that's where we will be heading when we leave here on Tuesday. That will allow us only two weeks to do the 760 km (471 mile) route to Acapulco. I know that doesn't sound like much driving, but you know how we like to explore along the way!

Our planned route to Acapulco.

But there is still a lot to do before we leave here! Barb and Sal have mucho activities for us over the next few days...

Today: Invited to a Mexican wedding and reception
Friday: Invited to yet another Mexican wedding and reception!
Saturday: Pot luck dinner and New Years Eve
Sunday: Sal's aunt's house for birria dinner
Monday: Visiting a moonshine mezcal distillery

Gonna need a vacation soon!


  1. I'm having unknown troubles posting a comment. This is my 3rd try so if one of them shows up, can this one. :-)

    I'm envying you in all this, love HOT Steam, HOT tubs, mushrooms, garlic, weddings.......

    Wish I could wander in the US like you two do. But if you want to be in the warm places in winter and the cool ones in summer it often requires the dreaded "reservations". I'm so with you on 471 in two weeks being a bit too fast. :-)


  2. You guys are way too busy. lol The hot springs looked wonderful. But those mushrooms were the big winner in my book.

  3. Yes hot tub and chicken for us too gotta love it! You agenda does look busy, you won't be bored thats for sure, like us we keep moving so we can relax for a while, does that make sense?

  4. When grouped together in proper fashion, a couple of my favourite words: "Hot water and pool".

  5. Now that is the kind of pool Donna would get in, Hot, but first she would have to find a bathing suit she likes, She does that every time we go on vacation and use them once, and next time can't find it or it doesn't look right. Men are so much easier, put on a pair of shorts and jump in, so simple. Be safe out there, and have a great time at the receptions. Dance the night away. Sam & Donna...

  6. You two really know how to have fun and enjoy the area you are in... Wish I was there with you all!!!
    Happy New Year

  7. Hot springs are my favorite! Hope to tour Mexico's geothermal wonders one day. Happy trails!

  8. And we thought our lives were boring,how can you stand it...lol

  9. We keep following along with you, every day and I read your blog aloud to Steve. Today he even had to get up and see the pics too. We mark all the cool places you have been on our Streets and Trips maps. Just in case...

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  10. Nice header picture - you all look pretty relaxed!

  11. enjoy the jaunt to Acapulco!..that is if you make it through the weekend ..that is quite the schedule!!


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