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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Back at Hacienda Contreras

Didn't rush out of Colima yesterday. Figuring we would let the morning traffic die down, we left at around 9:00am, and got onto the toll road heading north towards Guadalajara. We've done this route a couple of times before, so we were familiar with the roads.

We made one stop for about 20 minutes, and it took a total of three hours for the 136 km (84 mile) trip. We arrived at Hacienda Contreras at noon.

Yesterday's drive 136 kms (84 miles)

Sherman did a lot of climbing yesterday, and we are now back at 6,400 feet altitude! Leaving Colima, we passed by the Colima Volcano, one of Mexico's most active volcanoes. The toll road section cost 165 pesos ($12.87) and it was money well spent. We have done the free road before and it is twisty, windy, and very slow going. 

Lots of sugar cane being grown as the road heads into the mountains.

Car parts and a wall made of pickup truck boxes.

The air is fresh and crisp back here in the mountains. Definitely cooler, and although it's nice to visit the beach, we couldn't stay on the beach all winter. We're looking forward to doing some more hiking!

We got Sherman parked up, and said hello to the other campers. It's nice to see a few rigs here, definitely different from when we were the only ones here for much of October. Fellow bloggers Paul and Helen and their three dogs are here, having arrived on Sunday. They are on their first RV'ing trip to Mexico! And Daryl and Sandy have been reading our blog for a long time, and they are here too! Nice to meet people who have been influenced by us to visit Hacienda Contreras!

Happy hour with the gang here at Hacienda Contreras.

One of the kittens that was born while we were here in October.

It's chilly overnight up here in the mountains. Had to put the blankets back on the bed, and we have the furnace running this morning to take the chill off. But, by 10:00am it will be a beautiful warm day. Going for a hike this morning with fellow campers Brian and Sue and whoever else wants to join us!


  1. Glad Paul and Helen made it safely, give them a big hug from us and the delta omega gamma sorority a big woof from Riggs.
    Great shot of the kitten

  2. Looks like your having fun with the gang!!! It is always great meeting up with friends!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  3. You happy hour spot looks great! Love the mt. picture. So peaceful! Enjoy your hike!

  4. Nice to be home for Christmas, with cool nights and warm daytime temps, oh yeah Happy Hours are good too.

  5. Glad you got back from your adventure safely. We couldn't not be on the beach! Good thing Mexico has something for everyone.


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