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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rancho Altarose (day 2)

Around 11:00am yesterday, Jean came by and asked if we wanted to go into town. That was our plan anyhow, so we went with her...sort of! She took her quad ATV, and we followed along behind on our bicycles!

It is hard to believe that this typical Mexican town of Valle de Banderis is only 15 kms from the touristy Puerto Vallarta. It's a shame that so many people who visit Mexico never see anything beyond their resort property.

Central plaza in Valle de Banderas.

Monday was market day in this town, so we went and bought some fruits and veggies. Ruth bought a huge cantaloupe that weighed well over 2 kilo's...I meant to take a pic of it, but she got it cut up before we remembered the pic. And we bought a couple of steaks and a kilo of ground beef. Had the steaks for dinner and they were terrible...mine was so tough I couldn't eat it. Hopefully the ground beef is better!

Went for a walk back in the hills in the afternoon. We were trying to get high enough for a view of the valley, but didn't get to any nice lookouts. We'll try again before we leave here. We did see this big fella though...

The picture doesn't do it justice, but this guy was huge!

One of my cousins is in Puerto Vallarta with his wife just now, so we're hoping to meet up with them today. If we don't hear back from them, we'll go into the city anyhow, I think. And, readers Stan and Marilyn had wanted to meet up as well, but no return emails from them, so hopefully they'll read this and send us a note!

Sherman, parked up at Valle de Banderas.


  1. Buying steaks can be "hit and miss" in the best of times, but I found it was more often a "miss" in the Caribbean or Latin countries. Hope you have better luck with the ground beef.

  2. Such a nice small town so close to the city. We found steaks in Mexico tough I believe mainly because they don't age the beef to tenderize it, But a slow cooked roast and ground meat was not too bad.

    Enjoy you time in the "Big City".

  3. have fun in the city and I hope you get to meet up with friends and family!!!

  4. How does your cousins happen to be in Puerto Vallarta? Do they live there or just on a vacation? More gorgeous pictures!

  5. To bad about the steaks, I will have to put that in my memory banks for a future trip and freeze a couple of those Mannino Fillets like we had when you guys were here. Not to much you can do to ruin ground beef as it takes a beating when it is ground up.Those little towns are all so beautiful. be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  6. I can relate to the tough steaks. I have traveled extensively in Mexico and the only place in the US with steaks as tough is in Florida. I agree with George and Suzie because the process their meat differently. But, I noticed I like the flavor of most of meat there.

  7. That is one big steer (bull? What do I know, I'm a city kid). I guess that's where you get tough steaks from.

  8. Growing up in Montana I am really picky about my beef. When I moved back East, the first time I bought hamburger I took it back because I thought it was spoiled. Found out that it wasn't. Took me forever to get used to it.

  9. Bob...You are so right. We've been fairly lucky with the steaks up until this lot. The ground beef was great.

    George and Suzie...No they don't age the meat and yes they is much better slow cooked or ground up.

    Sue and Doug...Thanks we did.

    Full-Timers...They are spending the winter in Puerto Vallarta area.

    Sam and Donna...The ground beef is good. We love the little towns and villages here.

    Michael...The meat here is definitely more flavorful and yes they process it differently.

    Chuck and Anneke...It sure is!

    Paul and Marti...Lol! Somehow I don't think they would be eating him and yep he sure was big!!!

    Jim and Sandie...I can believe it. I bet the meat in Montana tastes wonderful.

    Kevin and Ruth


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