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Monday, December 26, 2011

Hacienda Contreras (day 6)

We sure do like having shorts and t-shirts weather on Christmas Day! I've been reading some other blogs where RV'ers are freezing cold in most parts of Texas and Arizona. Although we would like to explore those areas more, those states obviously don't have warm enough weather for us in winter. And parts of Florida are nice, but Florida is simply too busy for us. Mexico has great weather, and more...

We did our 2 mile walk around the park yesterday morning, and made some skype calls back to Canada. I did the vacuuming, and Ruth defrosted the freezer. Then Ruth cut my hair yesterday morning. We had left over tamales heated up in the frying pan for lunch. They were just as good the second day. Relaxed in the afternoon, and took a photo of our shorts and t-shirt weather...

A few clouds, with the temperature about 24C (75F). 

Around 4:00pm, it was time to get ready to go to the fiesta next door. Two babies had been christened earlier in the day, and of course there has to be a big fiesta to celebrate. It was taking place on the property right next door, and Sal and Barb had been invited and they were welcome to bring the campers. We never turn down an invite to a Mexican fiesta! Only two other campers went, but there was also some of Sal's family.

This turned out to be a fairly fancy event! We figure there were probably 250 people.

Our table. The couple on the upper right are Coco and Lupita and we are invited to their wedding this coming Thursday!

There was a band, and they played almost non stop the whole night! They were really good. The music they play it called "musica trio", which is music of a more soft and romantic genre.

One of the babies in her christening dress.

Sal's aunt and his mother.

Nothing like a little tequila and Squirt at a religious event!

There were lots of children there, and they were so well behaved.

Another great day. Wonder what today will bring...? Maybe we'll go for a bike ride into town.


  1. What a way to celebrate the day with Two babies being christened! The celebration looks lovely. Is this a usual event that takes place on Christmas day in Mexico?
    You two looks so relaxed without a care in the world.

  2. Gotta love the weather and all. The hospitality of the Mexican people is just amazing, they sure know how to celebrate. Glad you had a great day!

  3. Paul and Marsha...No, I don't believe that it is a regular thing. They seem to just pick a day either for a wedding or a christening. Another reason for doing it on or around Christmas is that family are home visiting. Traditional Christmas celebrations in Mexico are held on Christmas Eve so Christmas Day itself is not as a big event as it is at home.

  4. You have so much fun - I love how you travel - nothing better than meeting the locals and spending time with them - keep on having a great time!

  5. Great way to spend your Christmas Day. Have a Happy New Year, and thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Never lonely in Mexico, that is for certain. Enjoy today.

  7. what a great day for a party!!..nice Christmas day photo too!

  8. Love the header photo!
    We will be in mexico around 2nd week of Feb but we are in Cozumel.
    (from a cruise).
    Hope we get the great weather too! I think 24c is perfect weather, not too hot, not cold.
    U make me want to retire!!!!


  9. The header photo is great! Your Christmas Day looks like it was a lot of fun, I am sure I would have enjoyed the fiesta too!

    John and Ellen

  10. I really like your header picture. I'm thinking you're enjoying your stay in Mexico. Good choice for a winter stay. :c)

  11. You guys are seeing a side of life most people will never know. Isn't Mexico wonderful!

  12. Sure looks like heaven to me. It's been very cold here in New Mexico...very cold.

    Happy Holidays to you!

  13. We also had a lovely warm Xmas day. The fiesta sounds a lot of fun with great food and music.

  14. Most excellent, I think joining in local events are some of the best parts of travelling. Enjoy the wedding.

  15. ACCK! you are just KILLING ME with pics like the first one in the blog... sitting there in your lawn chairs by your rig, the door open, wearing shorts and t shirts, sitting in the sunshine.

    Yup, you are killing me!
    blog by blog post
    each one more torment than the last!

    that fiesta is amazing and how wonderful you were invited to join in!

    Karen and Steve
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