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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Punta Perula (day 2)

We are parked up at the Hotel Punta Perula (GPS 19.59053 -105.12751). They have seven RV sites at this nice place, and there's only us and one other couple.

Punta Perula is a dusty little Mexican fishing village. It's kind of run down, with a lot of abandoned properties, and properties for sale. It was hit fairly hard during Hurricane Jova  in October, so there's still some cleanup going on. But, it has a beautiful beach and I'm surprised that development here hasn't taken off.

The beach at Punta Perula

Surprised that we have great internet at this little place, so we spent much of the morning getting caught up on internet stuff. Then we went for a walk along the beach and back through town to check things out. Some fisherman had just come in with their catch...

Ruth with a Red Snapper!

There are actually lots of parking places where you could boondock for a night or two for free in this little town. But provided we can get good overnight parking at 100 pesos per night or less, we have no problem paying for a site. There are four or five other little RV parks in this little town. One (called the Red Snapper RV park) is empty, and two others we stopped at was fairly full with mostly people who are here all winter. One was not bad, but the other was just a parking lot with them crammed in tight. I guess they must like each other to be that close together! We like our space!

You can walk a long time on this stretch of beach!

We relaxed in the afternoon, I had a nap, and Ruth did some reading outside. About an hour before sunset, we decided to walk along the beach the other way. It goes a long way!

We went and looked at this abandoned hotel.

This place has been like this a long time. Maybe it was never finished, or maybe it used to be a happening spot. Hard to tell!

Getting back to the can see Sherman parked on the left side.

We've pretty much decided to stay here another night. We still have about 360 kms (223 miles) to do to get back to Hacienda Contreras next week at this time. So we'll have to get a move on. Worst case scenario is that we won't do our hike up the Colima volcano, but there's always next time. I guess we'll see as we get closer.


  1. Looks like a great each town, and Sherman looks spiffy and happy, Glad to see you guys are enjoying your stay, and yes that snapper is a big one.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. We stayed at the Red Snapper for a night a few years ago. There were only two rigs in it then. The owner was so hard of hearing that he could not hear us pounding on the door although we could see him through the window. It was pretty funny at the time.

  3. great spot..looks divine...biggg snapper...

  4. Gotta love the small undeveloped, non commercialized towns. looks like a wonderful spot and awesome beach.

  5. Boy does Sherman look very content sitting in his spot. Beautiful beach. Did you take the snapper home with you? LOL

  6. What a beautiful spot. That was some snapper!

  7. Great spot, great price, great company, beautiful beach and weather. I'm not sure it could get any better than this! You two sure know how to do it up right!

  8. Looks like a little piece of paradise. Enjoy!

  9. Man, that's some big snapper Ruth has there!
    Oh wait. Maybe I should reword that?

  10. Lol...always look forward to your comments Bob!

  11. Beautiful spot as usual. Mmmmm I'd sure love some of that red snapper. It's almost as big as Ruth. She clearly had to hold it out from her shoulder so it wouldn't drag on the ground. Any idea what it weighed??

    Thanks for the links to spots in Florida. Appreciate the ideas. How's the baseball career going after those great wins?

  12. Is the Red Snapper RV park closed??

  13. Sherry...Just guessing at the weight but it was probably somewhere between 15-20lbs.

    Hope some of the ideas can help you out. As for the baseball, our son is finished university now and has started a new job as of yesterday. He enjoyed his baseball throughout college and university but knew he wasn't good enough to continue on with it as a career. He enjoys playing with friends during the summer now, just for fun.

    Contessa...No it's not closed, just nobody staying there.

    Kevin and Ruth

  14. We could stay there for awhile. Gorgeous! What "guide(s)" are you using to plan these stops again? Thanks. Your blog is a great resource.

  15. Hi Anonymous,

    We use the Travelers Guide to Mexican Camping by Mike and Terri Church. However, because we are self sufficient for electricity, we sometimes find locals who are simply willing to offer an overnight parking spot.

  16. Great picture of the fishing boat on the beach. Hope you did not eat all that Red Snapper at one sitting:)

  17. Wow wow wee!!! Looks great! Makes me want to head south! I love red snapper too!

  18. that is quite the 'snapper'!!..beautiful looking beach too!!

  19. i stayed as tent camper on the beach at Red Snapper in 2007. i was just looking at some pictures and decided to google. i thought the place great and it seems not much has changed. the owner was very nice..and a bit off beat. perfect for the setting..


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