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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Arrived in the city of Colima around 11:00am. This is the third time we’ve driven that highway, so we’re now a little bit familiar with the area. There’s no actual campgrounds in the city, but there is a listing in our Mexico camping guide for an event and party salon that allows RV parking. So that’s where we went.

The gate was locked when we got there, but the property is beside a small private airport and there were quite a few people coming and going. We could probably have parked right there, but as we were waiting, somebody came by and opened the gate.

Turns out they do have some electrical outlets, and a dump station. Normally charge 200 pesos, but we made a deal for 150 pesos for no electricity. It’s close to the central part of town, and we felt safe leaving Sherman alone.

We met the owner, Esteban, and as we were preparing to walk into town he offered to drive us. He dropped us off a block from “el centro”, and pointed us in the right direction.

One of the plaza's in central Colima

The main cathedral is nothing special on the outside, however the inside is worth seeing.

Lots of flowers!

Narrow one-way streets would not make for fun driving a motorhome in "el centro"!

We sat in the beautiful main plaza and had a popsicle!

Christmas decorations are up on the municipal building.

Consult with a doctor for 25 pesos ($1.95). Canada and the U.S. could learn something from Mexico!

In the evening, we sat outside with Esteban and his family. Esteban’s father used to have a large antique car collection, and some of the cars are still parked on this property. We had some good conversation and laughs, mostly in Spanish although Esteban’s nephew Antonio spoke a little English and helped translate when necessary. It looks like we have new Mexican friends to visit whenever we come back to Colima! Gracias para su hospitalidad, Esteban!

Esteban, his wife Teresa, nephew Antonio with his wife Erika, and daughter Mayte, and Kevin.

1942 Packard that once carried the president of Mexico. All original. I mentioned that it needed a bath, and Esteban said "no, even the dust is original"!

Mexico's hottest new mariachi duo! Kevin and Esteban!

We’re headed back to Hacienda Contreras today. Almost feels like we’re going home!


  1. It almost feels like our kids are coming home!!

  2. Love the header picture, and any old car for that mater. Nice to be going home for Christmas!

  3. Event and party this sounds very promising...LOL
    I LOVE the cathedral. We visit as many as we can.
    $1.95...can barley buy a can of soda for that price!

  4. What a beautiful city. That church is awesome! You need to attend one of their masses. We did in New Mexico and the people dress so colorful!

  5. Before you 2 take a spin, remember to close the doors !
    Catheral is gorgeous.
    Hey Kevin, where are your maracas?

  6. You do know how to find those very very special places.

  7. What a great trip this has been! We'd sure like to go to some of those same spots someday. Thanks for sharing it with us. Have a safe trip back to the park.
    Grace & Steve

  8. Nothing beats meeting the local people. Love those hats and those cars!!

  9. you two find adventure no matter where you are :) the


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