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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sayulita (day 2)

We slept fine parked on the road. We were still up early though, we tend to get up around 6:00am anyhow when the sun starts to come up.

Yesterday started off a bit overcast, but that soon burnt off and the sun was shining. We started out on our morning walk about 8:30am.

Sherman, parked up on the street for free for two nights.

We were trying to walk to the expensive houses up on the hill just north of Sayulita. We met a lady who pointed us in the right direction and said "it was a good workout". Boy was she right! Some of these houses are on roads so steep that you can see where peoples tires spin trying to get up the road! By the time we climbed some of them, we were soaking wet from the sweat. Definitely a good morning workout. But the views were fantastic...

Views of Sayulita

Adrian, the bicycle repair kid (I guess he's about 16) came over and got the tire for my bike. He and his father are going into Puerto Vallarta to get supplies and will look for my new tire and tube at the same time. He asked for payment in advance, 400 pesos ($31.20), and I hesitated. How would he know how much it was, and without a reciept how would I know if I should get any change back? But, he seemed like a straight up kid, and he had been recommended as the guy to go to for bike repairs, so sometimes you just have to have faith. I had only 350 pesos ($27.30) in my pocket and he said that was okay. He said they would be back later that afternoon.

We spent the afternoon on the beach, and Gerry and Brenda came out and sat with us for a while too. Later, we moved over to the shade of their awning where their motorhome is parked.

Back at Sherman near dinner time, I went across the road to see if Adrian had any luck finding me a bike tire. Sure enough, he said he had the new tire and tube but because he was working part time at his father's restaurant he wanted to come over and do the installation after 9:00pm last night. I said that was fine, and that's exactly what happened. When he was done, he didn't ask for any more money, and also didn't offer any change. I had looked up the parts on the internet, and I think it would have come to about $30 if I had to buy them myself in the states, so I don't think he took advantage and I'm happy with the deal. I'm especially happy that the bike is now fixed! We've been missing going for bike rides!

Heading out early this morning. Going to stop at a big MEGA grocery store outside Puerto Vallarta, and then we have a couple of ideas of where to overnight as a base for exploring Puerto Vallarta.


  1. Pretty sure the kids made a few pesos on the deal, but there's no downside. Sometimes it's just worth it to have someone else do the grunt work.

  2. Sounds like you had a good workout and some great views from the top.
    Some times its worth it to pay the price to get what you want when you want it, enjoy the bikes again!

  3. It sounds like you're finding many RV parks to be rather empty. Is it still early in the season?

  4. Worth every pesos not to have to go into PVR on your own and find a tire!! Looking forward to hearing where you spend the night!

  5. Bob...I think we got a pretty fair deal and I am sure that
    Adrian got a share of it.

    George and Suzie...We really did get a great workout. We had to climb several roads up steep hills before finding the correct road. What a great view we had!

    CAE...We have definitely found a good majority of parks are pretty empty but we have also seen a couple of parks along the Pacific coast in the last few days that are quite full, but these are "destination" people not travelers. We think that most of the ones travelling are here but a few more will show up after Christmas.

    Contessa...Yep, Kevin said that it may have been hard to find the bike shop, so definitely worth the money.

    Kevin and Ruth


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