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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The castle

All of the campers hiked over to the "castle" yesterday morning. It's not really a castle, but it is an interesting building that you can see from the campground. Ruth and I were there just last February, but some of the campers had never been before.

But before we left, the propane truck came by. It is so convenient being able to have the propane truck fill up your RV right at the campground. And cheap. Propane is about 47 cents per litre here. We paid $1.12 per litre in Nova Scotia last spring! Oh, and the Canadian dollar hit a record high versus the Mexican peso yesterday...it is now cheaper than ever for Canadians to visit Mexico!

As soon as the propane truck had finished filling up our RV's, we left on our hike.

As we left, we saw Donkey Hote enjoying his new life at the campground.

Paul, Helen, and Ruth 

Hiking over to the castle.

Almost there.

And, there it is.

The guy who owns this place has been building it for about 10 years. The lower part is a banquet hall and restaurant, with living quarters above. It was supposed to be open two years ago, but never did, and now he says "next month". I guess we'll see! It definitely took some imagination to build, and some of the decorating is a bit on the tacky side, but it's interesting nonetheless.

Osa and Ruth enjoying the view.

The road leading up to the place is lined with John Deere farm implements!

A couple of the campers are headed for a local hot springs this morning, so I think we're going to go with them. A good soak in the hot water sounds like a great idea!


  1. enjoy the soak in the 'hot water'!..I see another hike in your future!!

  2. Definitely an interesting looking castle. Not what you'd expect to find sitting out in the country like that. Hope you enjoy your soak.

  3. I just love your header picture of the people hiking over to the castle. It looks like a picture out of the past.

  4. I am with Paul...love that picture!
    WOW...the castle looks amazing. Be sure to post some pictures of the restaurant, when it opens "next month"...LOL

  5. Did I somehow miss the news about Hote and his new place? We used to have two burros and loved them.

    What a unique building the castle is. I assume you could also drive there or will all the patrons be walking to the restaurant? That would be cool in my opinion. Love the view.

    Hot springs sounds fabulous! You are sure living the life. And even MORE inexpensively with the falling exchange. A little envy going on here. :-)


  6. Are those corn stalks bunched together like a hay stack?

  7. Wheres Coco, Sandy, Jodie. Have they been grounded like Riggins?
    Interesting building but not very attractive

  8. That is a pretty cool place, its nice to see there are still people with an imagination instead of the same old dwelling. Fun for all the rest of us to look at.

  9. Gotta love finding these interesting looking places all part of the fun exploring. Nothing quite like a nice soak in the hot springs.

  10. What a gorgeous place to wander around in. We are sooo enjoying reading along in your travels to Mexico and hope to explore that area too soon!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  11. I remember that place from last year. Not surprised that it's not "open" yet. I suppose these things take time. It's "Mexico time", but even slower when it comes to big projects.
    I didn't recall the John Deere bits though. It somehow adds to the eccentricity of the place.
    Nicely painted, I must say.
    Maybe next year it'll be "open"? We'll wait and see.

  12. That's a really interesting looking building. Were you able to see any of the inside? It looks like a fun hike in the picture.


  13. Merry Christmas Kevin & Ruth!! Hope you enjoyed the day. Can't wait to find you guys on our travels and can't wait to meet Donkey Hote :-)

  14. You've found the right place to travel. Great sights at a cheap price. Love the so called castle. Have a great New Year. Keep up the blogging and updates!

  15. Paul and Marsha...We won't be around here in a month's time but seeing that two years ago it was suppose to be open in two weeks and it didn't happen we aren't holding our breath this time either.

    Sherry...If you go to the post from the 24th you will see how they acquired him. Yes, there is a road to restaurant.

    Judy and Emma...Yes, they stack the corn stalks like hay and then when they are totally dried they bring in a machine that grinds it all up, I believe it then becomes feed for livestock.

    Donna W...No, they stayed back at the motorhome. I believe that Sal said there maybe some dogs up at the building and they weren't sure about them.

    Bob...Yes, everything happens on Mexico time. The John Deere parts were there last time but I don't think we had taken a photo of them.

    Longdog2...Very interesting. Yes, the owner was there and only the top part was open (the living quarters) again very interesting.

    Doug and Nancy...Definitely hope to meet up with you. Donkey Hote will love it.

    Kevin and Ruth

  16. I know what 'tomorrow' means in Mexico. I can only guess what 'next month' might mean.
    Great pictures. Looks like a nice adventure.


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