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Saturday, December 3, 2011


We woke up yesterday morning to the sound of singing. It was about 6am, and the roosters were crowing, and a guy was singing. Loudly. He was quite good though. He was singing while he was washing his car. It was time to get up anyhow, so we did. Opened the blinds, and watched this guy go get his horse. He walked the horse up beside his car, and proceeded to wash his horse. All this while singing at 6am. We love Mexico.

Went for a morning walk, and then gave Lenny his 100 pesos for letting us park on his property. Although this was fine, we saw quite a few spots where we could have simply parked at the side of the road for free, so we will try and choose our overnight spot better in the future.

We headed out to the next beach town of San Fransisco (San Pancho). There are no RV parks there, so I was a little nervous about narrow roads. Just to be on the safe side, we parked at the entrance to town and walked in. We found this town to be a little more upscale than most, and with way too much gringo influence. So much so that all the signs we saw in restaurants were in both Spanish and English, and we even had the local newspaper guy ask in English if we wanted to buy a newspaper. But, we're not surprised. Anyhow, we didn't see anywhere worthwhile to park for the night so we walked back to Sherman and drove to the next town of Sayulita.

We are only about 35kms (22 miles) north of Puerto Vallarta now. So there are quite a few vacationers who come to Sayulita even on day trips from Puerto Vallarta. Plus, it has a fairly large ex-pat population. But, it's also a surfer town, so lots of young people come here to camp in tents and surf. Despite the tourists it's a kind of an okay place.

We pulled into town and found the one large RV park. We had heard from one of our readers that they were parked there and so we pulled onto the road that the RV park is on and parked on the road. After we got parked, we decided that our temporary parking spot on the road would probably be okay for a free overnight spot, and that's what we did. We started walking down to the RV park, and who do we bump into but Gerry.

Gerry and Brenda are from Niagara Falls area and are on their first RV'ing trip to Mexico! Good for them! They've been following our travels for a couple of years now and finally decided to take the plunge to Mexico. You can follow their blog here...

He led us to their site and we sat and talked for an hour. We decided that we won't come and stay in the RV park, but we will be fine on the road for one night.

Turns out there's a guy who does bicycle repairs right across the road from us. He's going into Puerto Vallarta today and says he will bring me back a tire for my bike. So we'll probably stay here parked on the road for another night, because we slept fine last night.

Went for a long walk and explored the area yesterday afternoon.

Ruth dipping her feet in the water at Playa de Los Muertos about a 15 minute walk south of Sayulita.

Looking back at the beach at Sayulita

Playa Sayulita

After our walk, we went and sat on the beach near the RV park. Eventually Gerry and Brenda came around and we sat and had a cold beer and talked about RV'ing in Mexico. We'll see them again today because it looks like we'll stay another night.

Ruth, Brenda, and Gerry.


  1. What a wonderful experience! I wonder if he has a difficult time deciding to take the car or horse to work. Guess it depends on the weather.
    How many times do you run into a bike repair man...great for you two!
    The picture Sayulita looks like a picture post card. In your next life, you should be a professional photographer. REALLY!

  2. I would love the singing - the 6:00 a.m. - I'm not too sure about. Glad to know that he takes good care of both the car and the horse though. And you're getting a new tire for your bike while parked for free. You can't get much better service than that.

  3. gorgeous pictures...looks like your friends are in a nice park...great service on the bike tire.

  4. Another day in paradise,and the beer is in green bottles, like Moosehead & Rolling Rock,remember them, Kevin. Boy they go down good when ice cold.Glad to see you met up with some friends, Have you seen Paul & Helen yet? Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  5. Doesn't get much better than bare feet in warm sand.

  6. A bit tough getting woken up at 6:00. You're getting great weather. Love the header photo!

  7. Looks like a pretty nice spot there too. And its always nice to run into Canadians anywhere on the road.

  8. It would have to be really good singing for me to enjoy at that hour:)


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