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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hacienda Contreras (day 3)

We had a relaxing day yesterday. Spent some time on the internet while having coffee and tea when we got up, then we went for a walk around the RV park. The perimeter of the park is a half-mile walk and we did four times around so we did two miles.

We're going to do at least that every morning, and I think we're actually going to start jogging it. Get the heart beating at least 75% of the maximum heart rate for at least 20 minutes...that's the plan!

This is the view from the spot where Whiskey is buried.

Whiskey is buried against the stone fence you see on the other side of this beautiful old tree.

Barb and Sal have planted a lot of new trees and they're really starting to grow!

Looking back towards the RV sites from the far end of the property.

Around the lunch hour, Barb was going into town and asked if we wanted to come along for the ride. Sure, just for something to do, plus we could pick up a couple of grocery items. We love buying fruits and vegetables in Mexico....we got a bag of carrots, two large grapefruits, and a head of lettuce for a total of $1.48. And a 20 litre jug of drinking water for $1.56. And we went to the butcher and asked for a pound of ground beef. They take a fresh piece of meat and cut some off and put it in the grinder. It was slightly more than a pound, we got 525 grams and there is 454 grams in a pound...cost was $2.81.

Relaxed in the afternoon, and made hamburgers on the grille for dinner. Then sat with Barb and Sal around a fire later in the evening.

Barb and Sal's dog Niko is fun to have around. She's a little bit shy, but she's starting to get used to us.


  1. What a beautiful resting place for Whiskey...lots of open spaces for her spirit to run and trees to shade herself.

  2. forgot to sign my anonymous...
    it's Donna W.

  3. I agree, Whiskey has a great resting place and I know She is pleased to be where she is, I was looking at the pictures last night and couldn't help but notice how happy she looked with Sadie & Rigg's around.I guess you could say it was kind of like the last dance for the aging beauty queen.Looks like you guys have a great place to stay. Have a cold one for me tonight, we think of you guys a lot and worry too. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  4. It is a beautiful place and you know Whiskey would love it.

    Our oldest dog Lady Bug days are nunbered and we try not to think about it but in our mind we still know. Be safe

  5. Wish we were there, sounds like you guys are having a blast.

  6. Thanks for the feedback on word verification. It is now off so should work faster to leave a post comment. I like your header photo. Nice scene. I have committed to 30 minutes of walking a day (starting a few days ago). I got out of the habit of walking over the past year that I've done for most of my adult life. Now trying to reinstitute the habit. Good for you guys on your walking!

  7. Great to see the pictures. We do the perimeter walk at Hacienda every morning, too. Now we will be able to say hi to Whiskey when we go by! Thanks for measuring it for us. We usually walk fast for at least 45 minutes to an hour, but we were never sure how far we had gone. We left our pedometer at home. Are the cows still down at the far end to say good morning to you? Get that walking trail worn in for us! It sure beats dealing with the traffic on the road, doesn't it?
    Keep on having fun!
    Salud! Paula & Jerry

  8. Looks like a great place to camp. Wow those prices are amazing.

  9. Great looking camping spot and a nice resting place for Whiskey, gotta love Mexico.

  10. Hi Kevin and Ruth

    We are so relieved to see you found such an excellent resting place for your girl.

    Thank you so much for commenting on our new blog. We haven't really put the word out there yet,because we are still trying to figure everything out.

    And ya, we know what you mean about trying to keep up with all the great blogs out there !!

    Take good care.... TnT

  11. Whiskey must be delighted....a wonderful spot.

    Looks like a beautiful place for you guys to spend the winter.

    Keep up the exercise!!

  12. Lovely place for Whiskey. The entire area looks lovely. Enjoy your stay.

  13. Dear Kevin & Ruth,
    I am sitting here with tears running down my face, as I have just learned about Whiskey's passing as we have been on the road with no internet access for some time (a wonderful trip to Quebec & Ontario, made even better by pointers gleaned from your travels). Being an animal lover, I have loved reading about Whiskey, a wonderful companion to you as you moved from place to place, and I shall miss those reports. My deepest sympathy to you both Amy

  14. Sam and Donna...Thank you both for your comments. We really couldn't think of a better place for her here. She really did love it here. She can look out at the old tree in the centre of the field and she gets to enjoy a beautiful sunset each night. She was a happy camper right up to the end.

    Kenny and Angela...I hope that Lady Bug will be around for a while yet. It is sad to think about them passing on. Give her a hug and pet for us.

    Chris...Hopefully we will see you here at the end of December.

    Levonne...Thanks Levonne, I know we aren't the only ones that find the word verification on blogs a pain. We quite often don't comment on people's blogs that have it just because it is such a hassle sometimes. Good for you, keep up with the walking. We do a lot of hiking but then we go for periods of time without enough exercise so we are planning to work harder on this.

    Paula and Jerry...She will like that. I bet her tail will wag everytime you go by. We didn't measure the perimeter, Barb did. She is walking it too. It is so nice in the mornings and being able to look up at the mountians as we walk/run is beautiful. Haven't seen any cows, so I guess they aren't there at the moment.

    Janie and John...It is lovely here and the prices are fantastic, as you know we are not real campground people but we sure love it here.

    George and Suzie...Thanks, and we agree.

    Trent and Teresa...Thanks, we think she will love it here too. Looks like you are doing a great job on your blog so far. We'll keep our eyes on it.

    pweaver...Thank you we think so too! We won't be spending all winter here, we will be moving around but I am sure we will stop by here again before the winter is over.

    FULL-TIMERS...OCT. 17, 2009...It really is lovely here.

    Kevin and Ruth

  15. Aadkins101...Thank you so much for your kind words. We will miss her on our travels as well.

    We are happy to hear that you had such an enjoyable holiday in Ontario and Quebec and that we were able to be of some help to you with any of our past posts. If you have a blog please pass the site on to us.

    Kevin and Ruth

  16. Perfect spot for Whiskey. Sweet dreams little one.

  17. Contessa...Thank you Contessa!

    Kevin and Ruth


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