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Monday, October 17, 2011

A nice hike in the hills

Yesterday, we went for a nice hike in the hills. It was another beautiful sunny day. Barb stayed behind in case the tile workers showed up. She wants to make sure they use the proper tiles in the right place because once they go down it's too late!

Barb sorted through all the boxes of tiles. They got a good deal because they were "seconds" and some of them had odd marks on them, so she sorted out the worst ones.

All the tiles sorted out.

They're making good progress. It's going to look great!

So Sal and Ruth and I took off about 11:00am. We were trying to get to the top of a nearby hill, but Sal had never been up there so wasn't sure if the path behind the park would lead to another path in that direction, so we just winged it.

Almost stepped on this little guy!

First, we had to hike through a field of corn!

Sal and Ruth on the trail

We decided to take off our boots and socks for this!

Sal, in a sea of flowers!

We never did make it to the hill we were trying to get to so we'll try a different route another day. We ended up on a lot of sections where there really was no trail so we were just hiking through fields of flowers and corn. Eventually we made it to a road and we did about 3 kms on that before it led us to a highway and the border of the state of Michoacan. Sal called Barb on his cell phone and she came and picked us up! By this time it was 2:00pm and we had hiked for 3 hours!

We just relaxed for the afternoon, then in the evening we watched the baseball game. St. Louis won, and now it's Texas vs St. Louis in the world series starting Wednesday night. This will be the first time I'll be watching the entire world series since 2006! We've always been on the road during the month of October, and we don't watch TV in the motorhome. Now the problem is deciding who to root for! I really don't mind if either team wins it...St. Louis is the come from behind team this year, but I think Texas really deserves it. I think I'm going to root for Texas!


  1. ribbet ribbet..glad you saved the little frog from a 'squishing'!!

  2. Didn't I see you guys in that movie, Children of the Corn...

  3. Beautiful picture of the field of flowers. I'm glad you're routing for Texas. I'm bummed St. Louis beat our Brewers!

  4. ok, St Louis is a baseball town...so give us a little break after all Wisc has the Packers, Texas has the Cowboys....what do we have the Rams....give us the World Series cause we sure arent any threat to the Super Bowl.
    Donna W..St. Louis

  5. you know of course I am rooting for Texas...

  6. You may not have made it to the top of the hill but what a pretty hike.

  7. I'm not going to get into any baseball controversy. That's a "Danger Will Robinson".
    The tiles though will look really nice.
    And yes, best to stick around and make sure they are sorted out properly. I'm never even keen on letting trades people into my house. But that's just me.
    Besides, who would have come to pick you up, had Barb not stayed behind?

  8. Nice field a flowers and day for a hike, gotta love the warm weather.

  9. Looks like a great hike, You guys know who I will be rooting for in the World Series,And for the first time a Series is here, I am retired and won't have to work a traffic detail or crowd control detail with the PD.But it is a neat thing and so far St Louis has been a really great place to have a World Series, No trouble after the games. Like someone else said, St Louis is a baseball kind of town.And yes we were the underdogs this year, so I hope we can come from behind and beat Texas. Be safe out there and drink a beer while your watching the game for me. Sam & Donna....

  10. What a beautiful area. I love the header picture.
    Goooooo Texans!

  11. A nice place to go hiking! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  12. Sue and Doug...He was so cute, thought it was a cricket at first.

    Barb...We were hiding in the corn, that's why you didn't see us!

    Kevin and Evelyn...We couldn't believe how tall the flowers were. This cheering for Texas vs St. Louis could be a problem! I'll (Ruth) will be happy with either team.

    Donna W...I can understand you rooting for the home team. Just to keep things even (don't want to tick any readers off!) Kevin can root for Texas and I will root for St. Louis.

    heyduke50...Go Texas!

    Janie and John...It was a pretty hike, the wild flowers are out in full bloom.

    Bob...They are just about finished the tile and will soon be ready for the grout. They do look nice. This wasn't their house, just the community building and the part they had access to had nothing in it, but yes we sure needed Barb to pick us up, but missed having her come along on the hike.

    George and Suzie...It was a perfect day weather wise for a hike.

    Sam...Of course we know you will be cheering along the home team, if I was you, I would be too. As I said to Donna, I will cheer for St. Louis and Kevin will cheer for Texas that way we can keep our readers happy.

    FULL-TIMERS...OCT. 17, 2009...Thanks, it is a pretty area. Kevin is cheering along with you.

    Paul...It is, hopefully we will do more hiking around here.

    Kevin and Ruth


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