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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hacienda Contreras, near Valle de Juarez

We didn't set the alarm Friday night because we knew we needed a good nights sleep. But we also wanted to do a long drive Saturday and so we wanted to get a fairly early start. Turned out we got a good sleep and we were on the road just before 9:00am. Not bad.

The highway heading from Zacatecas to the city of Aguascalientes is a nice toll road with enjoyable scenery. But when you actually get to Aguascalientes, the city itself became our first obstacle because there's no easy way around it or through it.

Somewhere in between Zacatecas and Aguascalientes.

You can actually drive a motorhome right through the center of the city. In fact we did that last time we were through because there's a hotel very close to the center that allows RV parking overnight. But it's very busy and slow going so we decided to try one of the many ring roads around the central core. The route we took ended up being very poor roads with lots of traffic. But I'm not sure that any other route would have been any better.

The route we took around Aguascalientes

Lots of topes (speed bumps) heading around Aguascalientes.

The next challenge was deciding our route from there. We could take a nice toll road that leads closer to Guadalajara but that would involve more money and it's about 80 kms (50 miles) further in distance. But the most direct route is highway 307. We took this route north last March and we knew that it had one really bad section of road. But I decided (Ruth wasn't so sure...) to take it again anyhow. And sure enough, it was still really bad. Narrow, with lots of trucks, very little opportunity to pass, and one of the worst road surfaces we've been on since we were in Nova Scotia! Terrible, and we won't do that route again.

DO NOT take this section of road.

But the rest of the drive was enjoyable, through farming areas and villages. A lot of people stare at us, and children wave and smile. It's not every day the local people see a motorhome, and some of them have probably never seen one. Driving through one town, there were some young guys cleaning peoples windshields at a red light. We never take advantage of these services, but this time Sherman's windshield was filthy, and I gave the guy the thumbs up. He and his buddy went to work with big smiles and sprayed soapy water on all the bugs and scrubbed really well. They were doing such a good job that the light turned green and everyone had to go around us. The one guy decided the other guy didn't do a good enough job and proceeded to redo the other side! We sat through the whole light cycle back to red again! Too funny, and nobody got upset, the other vehicles just drove around us. We love this about Mexico. They did a spotless job and I handed them 5 pesos (40 cents) each. 

We made it to Hacienda Contreras just before 5:00pm. We really only stopped for a quick lunch along the way so it took us almost eight hours. In a car, this drive would typically take just over 5 hours. But in the motorhome, it's a lot slower going.

Barb and Sal were at a party, but had left the gate unlocked for us. They said we could use one of their new patio sites, and they've done a really good job building a couple of these new sites for use this season. 

Sherman, parked up at Hacienda Contreras.

We found a nice spot for Whiskey and got that very difficult job out of the way. But it had to be done, and now she is at peace. We will get a plaque or something made for that spot and plant some kind of a tree or bush at some point over the next month. 

Barb and Sal returned in the evening and we had a couple of hours of enjoyable conversation. We can tell we're going to enjoy our time here! The weather in this part of Mexico is about perfect, with lows around 12C (55F) and highs around 23C (74F). We are at elevation of about 6300 ft so it is a little cooler even though we are further south than Miami!

Saturday's drive, 385 kms (240 miles)


  1. We want to bury Scooter when it's time, in the desert because that is the area she loves so well. I know how sad you are. You guys really put in a long, long day. Sure hope you get a chance to relax and enjoy for a few days.

  2. A long interesting drive for the day, but you reached your destination and did what needed to be done. Now relaxing, enjoying the weather and company will be nice.

  3. Next time you really should listen to Ruth!

    Glad you got to your destination. It looks like a nice spot.

  4. Glad yall made it with no problems. Great place for Whiskey to lay in peace. Yall enjoy

  5. Hey, low of 12 and high of 23! That sounds like Vienna weather. Mind you, we're having the warmest fall they've had here in something like 150 years, so we timed that well. Who knew?

  6. Glade you made it to your destination. You have been in our thoughts and prayers.

  7. Happy to see that you made it there without any major issues. We looked at the campground site last night, it looks great! We have bookmarked it for the future.


  8. so glad you were able to find Whiskey a good resting spot.....must have been an exhausting day!...happy trails....

  9. I miss that weather. And planting a tree would be a cool thing, just like the tree that is planted at the Hacienda and is as old as Sal. Pretty neat. Have fun!


  10. So glad to see you have a nice resting place for Whiskey and the memorial tree is such a nice idea, Nice to be with friends, I hope all is well with you guys, We are planning on just sitting out another winter here in MO. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  11. Kevin and Ruth,
    Thanks for following my blog, and I'm so sorry about your recent loss. :(

  12. Hi Kevin and Ruth,
    Glad you made it so quickly and without too much incident. Love your story about getting the windshield washed. I'd like to see someone get away with that here! LOL! I've had Hacienda Contreras bookmarked for some stay in our future since the last time you were there. Those trees have really grown! May Whiskey rest in peace in that beautiful place. Enjoy your stay... we'll be following along.
    Grace & Steve (in Tucson)

  13. RIP Whiskey looks like a great place for her final resting place.
    A tree is a great idea.
    Take care.


  14. Jim and Sandie...Sure hope it is a long time before have to worry about Scooter. We plan to do a lot of relaxing in the next little while.

    George and Suzie...Yep, all that is done now. The weather here is perfect and we will that advantage of that.

    Karen and Al...I agree, he should listen to me sometimes. I think he forgot how really bad that section was.

    Pete and Pam...Thanks, Pete. We think it is a great place for Whiskey. It is beautiful here, especially at this time of year.

    Bob...Glad you are having such great weather. We love this weather, it is absolutely perfect for us.

    Kenny and Angela...Thank you for thinking of us.

    John and Ellen...We really love it here, you should definitely think about coming here sometime, we know you would love it too!

    mermaid gallery...Thank you so much, it was a tiring day.

    Chris...It will either be a tree or a flowering shrub or vine. Something hardy as it is a little lower in the field and Barb says there is sometimes frost there.

    FULL-TIMERS...OCT. 17, 2009...We think so too!

    Sam and Donna...We think so too! Hope things will change and you are able to take a week or two to come south. You never know what the future holds!

    Judy and Emma...We are too, but life does go on and she has a beautiful resting place. We couldn't think of a better place for her.

    Grace and Steve...Thank you so much. We love funny stories like that here in Mexico because we know that there is no way something like that could happen in the States or Canada without someone getting pissed off and honking horns at you to move along. We love the laid back atmosphere here. Everything grows really quickly here in the rainy season then it stops in the dry season.

    WBY...We think so too, thank you!

    Kevin and Ruth

  15. Kevin and Ruth: I think that Whiskey is pleased with the spot you chose for her. It´s a wonderful place! She will be in our minds for a long, long time. I think that she was lucky for having you as part of the family, as we are lucky too for meeting you. Also you will have the opportunity to visit her constantly, it is a great place and now is more meaningful for you. I hope that your trip in my country continues with perfect temperature, clear skies, beautiful days and peaceful nights. Take care, Ale & Toño from Zacatecas

  16. Ale and Toño...Thank you so much for thinking of us. I am so sorry that we weren't at our best when we stopped by for our visit and we are sorry that we couldn't have stayed longer like we had planned. We will visit you again if you'll have us! Remember if you want to visit us this winter, just let us know, you are more than welcome.

    Kevin and Ruth


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