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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Expecting some heavy rain

There are two large storm systems heading our way that are expected to dump a lot of rain over the next few days.

Hurricane Irwin is still further out to sea, but tropical storm Jova is closer to land and picking up in strength. Jova could turn into a hurricane today, and is heading straight for Puerto Vallarta area by Sunday night. We are only about 350 kms (217 miles) inland from Puerto Vallarta, so we should be okay except for a lot of rain.

Tropical storm Jova about hit hit land, with Hurricane Irwin coming in right behind it.

As it is, we didn't see the sun at all yesterday, and had a dump of rain for a half hour or so yesterday evening.  It is overcast so far today, but as you see from the picture, we had a beautiful sunrise this morning.

Sunrise this morning at Hacienda Contreras

Yesterday evening, Ruth made pizza and we took it over to Barb and Sals fifth wheel and we shared dinner. Nothing like pizza and beer! Then we played a game of Sequence. It's a fun board game that you play with a couple of decks of cards. I can picture us playing this a few times over the coming weeks! Today, Barb is going into town so we're going to tag along because Saturday is market day.

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  1. Yikes! That's the kind thing I hate to see! 217 miles inland isn't far enough if it's a strong hurricane. Several hurricanes in Florida entered one coast, went up through the state and exited the other coast...causing a LOT of damage. Be careful.

  2. The rain is ok and I know you guys keep an eye on the weather, so that you can be safe. take care.

  3. Keep a close eye on that weather and be safe. Be sure to post whenever you can so we know things are okay.

  4. batten down the hatches...and keep a close eye on the weather...please update us..be safe our friends...

  5. We tuned into posting the same thing today. At least you are not on the beaches. Stay safe.

  6. Keep an eye on those storms,you should be safe at that distance though, Don;t have much time to post here at the Lake.Be safe out there, Sam & Donna...

  7. That weather does not sound like fun. We were down on the Baja 22 years ago right after a hurricane that was devastating. (Good you're not already in Puerta Vallarta huh?)

  8. Karen and Al...I doubt that we will see any hurricanes where we are. There are mountains between us and the ocean. Should see some pretty heavy rain though, unless it passes furthur up the coast. We aren't too worried but we are keeping our eyes on it.

    George and Suzie...Yep, we're keeping our eyes on it. It's a pretty dreary afternoon.

    Jim and Sandie...We will keep you posted, I think we will just end up being a little waterlogged.

    Elaine...Everything is put away and we are sitting nice a cozy inside of Sherman.

    Contessa...Yes, we are glad not to be around the coast at the moment.

    Sam and Donna...You're right we should be fine. We have a nice distance and some decent mountains between us and the coast so they should be a nice barrier.

    Levonne...At least you were there after the hurricane instead of during it. The weather is not so nice but we aren't worried too much. Definitely tracking the storm.

    Kevin and Ruth


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