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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A picnic

Yesterday was a good day. Absolutely perfect weather, sunny with a few clouds and a high around 27C (81F). We did a 2 mile jog/walk in the morning and then I started washing Sherman. Got out the ladder and did the top half of one side. I'll do the lower half this morning.

Yesterday afternoon we were invited to what we thought was a birthday party for one of Sal's many relatives that live in the area. It turned out to be more of a picnic, which was kind of fun. They cooked some local corn and made a sort of stew out of three different kinds of meat. Once again, stuffed full of food and washed down with tequila! It was fun meeting some of the locals and practicing our Spanish.

Lots of food. We are always well fed at these events!

Having a picnic!

They use this site because the trees provide lots of shade.

We left just around dusk and had a wonderful time. Apparently we`re invited to another local party on this coming Sunday, so were looking forward to that!

Sunset as we were heading back to the RV park.


  1. nice to be welcomed into the 'neighbourhood'!!!..have fun!!..the picnic food looked yummy!!

  2. There is nothing quite like Mexican hospitality, they sure know how to have a good time! Glad you enjoyed.

  3. You hear so much about the crime in Mexico, but you guys are always treated to well by the locals. Looks like a wonderful day was had!

  4. Thanks for sharing a different side of Mexico with us. The more normal side rather than the stuff we hear on the news. Great food, new friends, how fun.

  5. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Good to see you are reading me again!

    The picnic looks fun and the food looks delicious!

    I am green with envy!!


  6. beautiful header pic. looks like
    something from National Geographic.
    If you continue to go to these picnics you're going to have to do a couple of extra laps around the park....Have fun and enjoy the different culture.
    Donna W.

  7. wow doesn't look like it can get any better than this...enjoy!!!! be safe and hugs to you both.

  8. One of the best parts of Mexico is becoming friends with the locals. They graciously share everything they have with you. Mi casa es su casa, my home is your home, a favorite expression.

  9. We knew you guys were party animals, but two in a week, I'd have to dry out a couple days.looks like the side of Mexico that we would like to see. A happy fun loving people with generosity to their fellow man. Don't you just love it,That is the side we noticed on our last trip. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  10. What does Ruth do at these events? Do you have to ask everyone if there is any gluten in their dish? I always found potlucks difficult.

  11. I agree with Karen, this is such a refreshing view of Mexico. We hear so much about the bad it is great to hear the good things about our neighbors to the south.
    The picnic looks like great fun!

  12. I guess it is true that good times always come with tequila:)

  13. Kenny and Angela...I'll say!

    Sue and Doug...This is how most Mexican people are, they welcome everyone. The food was good and we were stuffed!

    George and Suzie...They certainly do.

    Karen and Al...That's the problem with the media, they don't show you the whole story. The majority of Mexicans are friendly people but it's the few bad ones that give Mexico a bad rap which isn't fair.

    Jim and Sandie..This is one of the main reasons why we come to Mexico, the people...oh and the weather!

    WBY...It's not that we weren't reading you, we were just too busy to read most blogs. We are catching up on that now. The picnic was delicious!

    Donna W...Thanks, now if we could just get National Geographic to buy it!!! You bet, we are going to have to do extra laps. Going at this rate, I think we will be continuously walking around.


    Elaine...We agree it will be hard to beat, but we will keep trying.

    Contessa...Yes, I think that is a very true saying and it doesn't just go to us gingos but to everyone.

    Sam and Donna...Don't worry Sam, we are pacing ourselves. I really wish the media would focus more on the real Mexico, but that wouldn't sell!

    Sandra...Here in Mexico I find that I don't have much issue with gluten. The majority of the tortillas are made from corn and most of the food consists of meat, rice, veggies and beans. If I have fish I have to ask not to have it coated. If I am not sure I ask or I just don't eat it.

    Janie and John...Unfortunately the bad news sells. We wish people could understand that the majority of Mexico is safe and welcoming. Hopefully through our blog people will understand why we come here and why it is a beautiful country just like both Canada and the States.

    Chuck and Anneke...Can't go to one of these events without seeing some tequila but wether it's there or not, you can be guaranteed a good time.

    Kevin and Ruth


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