Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Haselünne, Germany.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? South towards Dulmen, Germany.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Los Cazos, near Mazamitla

Yesterday after lunch, Ruth and I went into the town of Mazamitla. On the far side of town is an area called Los Cazos. It's a kind of a different spot because while there are homes and cottages in there, it's also gated and you have to pay to get in. But it's really nice to walk around, and there's a pretty waterfall.

We had been to Los Cazos last February, but with all the rain we had last week we wanted to see the waterfall again. Plus, it's just a nice area to walk around and see all the different houses. Most of them are only used on the weekend or as summer homes by wealthy people from Guadalajara, and some are available for rent.

Nice shack!

Lots of pretty spots

Ruth hiking up the old cobblestone roads

Kevin, at the waterfall

There was definitely more water coming down compared to when we were here during the dry season, but still not as much as I thought there would have been. But. maybe two days ago there was, who knows? Maybe the water from all that rain drains down really fast. Anyhow, it was still a nice walk that we had on another beautiful day.

When we got back to the campground, I puttered around with Sherman while Ruth just sat enjoying the sunshine and doing Sudoko puzzles. I decided to paint all of the latches that open the lower compartments. They look a lot better don't they?




  1. the waterfall is amazing!..and it is also amazing what you can do with a bit of paint..spruces everything up!!

  2. What a beautiful place and not a bad paint job either.

  3. Jim and Catheline

    OH my goodness, you two are so Lucky, what the life!!!

    We are leaving this Sunday, the 23rd, for Brownsville, Texas, from Kingston, Ontario, any must see's you can suggest would be greatly appreciated.

  4. What a beautiful place, your header picture is terrific.
    Guess I'm getting old, houses are beautiful but would have built mine on LEVEL ground not up a hill.
    Donna W.

  5. "...and some are available for rent".
    Hm, that's interesting. There will be a time when we'll have to start figuring out where to go in the cold winter months of Canada. We've already talked about renting an apartment in Boqueron, Puerto Rico already. Always nice to see more possibilities.

    Maybe I might just have to have a look at "flights to Guadalajara..."

    Nice pics, as always.

  6. You are one handy person! Nice homes, nice waterfall. :)

  7. Love the new header picture. It's amazing what a little paint will do. Some of the paint on our hitch had peeled off, so I repainted it, and it looks so much better. Glad the sun is back again!

  8. Those latches look good. I will have to give that some thought:)

  9. Looks like a great walk and that waterfall is nice too, trouble with getting older is you see a waterfall and all you can think about is a place to pee.Kevin did a great job on the trim, wish he was here to help me with deciding which way to go with our fiver. I on't want to start removing to much before I decide if I am going to have it fixed by someone else. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  10. I love the pics. You have a great life smelling the roses. I wrote a song a while back called 'Chasing Rainbows'. The chorus goes:-
    Chasing Rainbows...smell the roses
    Searching for my four leaved clover
    Keep enjoying the journey!

  11. What a beautiful amazing area. I love the pictures. You two are so Blessed to be in such a lovely area.

  12. Gotta love the area and waterfalls.
    It sure is amazing what a little bit of touch paint will do to spruce up your rig.

  13. Sue and Doug...We think it looks pretty cool. I can't wait to see the rest of the little touch ups that Kevin will work on.

    Kenny and Angela...Thanks! It helps that Kevin used to this for a living.

    Karen and Al...Thanks!

    Jim and Catheline...We think we are pretty lucky. Good luck with you trip down to Brownsville. As for things to see or do, depends on the route you take. You can look at our past blogs to get some ideas. Going backwards, mid Oct. 2010 to just after the middle of Nov. 2010, mid Oct. to near the end of Nov. 2008 and our return from Mar. to end of Apr. 2009. Also this year from Sept. except that we rushed through faster than we normally would. If you have futher questions just send us an email.

    Donna W...Thank you, the falls do look pretty good in that picture. As for the houses, there was not a level piece of land to be found in there. The walk in and out seemed like it was uphill both ways.

    Bob...There are quite a few places for rent in Mazamitla, they have a number of gated communities with some beautiful places. Actually all over Mexico you can find some great places to rent at some great prices. Beats the Canadian winters any day!

    Janie and John...Thanks, it sure helps when you are able to do some things yourself.

    Kevin and Evelyn...Yep, totally amazing what a bit of paint can do. Good from far, but far from good in some cases!

    Chuck and Anneke...Thanks, glad we could give you something to think about.

    Sam and Donna...So sorry that we can't help you out with the flooring. Like Karen and Steve said on your blog, gotta find and fix that leak first. Unfortunately I don't think it is going to be an easy fix, but you'll get it done.

    Paul...Thanks Paul, not enough people take the time. Love the chorus.

    FULL-TIMERS...OCT. 17, 2009...Thank you.

    George and Suzie...Yep, doesn't take too much to make things look like new sometimes.

    Contessa...Thank you!

    Kevin and Ruth

  14. Love reading your blog and all the great places you find to visit!

    I am gonna show Steveio your latch job... I bet that will be another thing on HIS list to do!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  15. Karen and Steve...Thanks Karen. I hope Steve won't hate us because we gave you another idea for a job on his to do list, lol!

    Kevin and Ruth


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