Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Haselünne, Germany.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? South towards Dulmen, Germany.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hacienda Contreras (day 21)

Wow, I can't believe we've been here for three weeks already. And although we're not bored yet, we are getting excited about moving on especially after planning our route yesterday!

We did our 2 mile walk around the park yesterday morning, and as we passed Whiskey's tree we noticed that some new blooms had popped out, and it had only been two days since we planted it there. Hopefully that's a sign that the tree will do really well in that spot.

New blooms on Whiskey's tree.

Remember the other day when we were telling you about the window frames being made for the new addition here? Well Felipe and his men showed up yesterday to install them. We think they look great! Most windows are made like this in Mexico. The metalwork guys build them to your specifications, then they come and install them. Then, the glass guy comes and cuts the glass to fit the window frame and installs the glass to the frame.

New window frames being installed.

Ruth did some reading in the afternoon, and I painted two more of the latches on the lower doors. And did some more polishing of Sherman. I am noticing that the polishing is much easier this time around, and I will make an effort to do it regularly down here. A little bit every day and it will be done!

Sherman is soooo enjoying the sunny skies and so are we!

A pretty view from our site.

Blondie, the neighbours dog, comes over to visit once a day. She's such a friendly gal, and enjoys getting a scratch behind the ears and a treat while she's here!

So today is market day in the town of Valle de Juarez and we enjoy going in and getting the fresh fruits and veggies. And Barb will take us to her house so we can use the fast internet to skype with relatives back in cold Canada! Speaking of cold, it was crisp clear night here last night and the temperature outside is only 2.3C (36F) as I type this! But, as soon as the sun hits the horizon things will warm up quickly. Not a cloud in the sky and I can now see the sun peeking over the hills. Another beautiful day in the works here in sunny Jalisco, Mexico!

Had a great big campfire last night!


  1. Whiskey's tree looks great. You pick a great spot.
    The window is amazing. Thanks for explaining the process.

  2. It was a cold night here at the ranch, got to 35 degrees, but it is supposed to be 70 this afternoon, if it is, Adam and I will work on John Deere and get the plow on for the winter. Whiskey's tree looks really nice, in a year will be growing and even better.What a great remembrance for a loyal companion and family member.Hope you guys have a great day. be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. that is a 'rip snortin' campfire' you got going on!!!..enjoy your Saturday..wax on wax off!!

  4. That looks like fun. Wish I was (were?) there! I'm glad you have a surrogate pup.

  5. Love the cool nights and very warm days. I so love Mexico.

  6. 36 degrees??? 36???? OMG!!! We're getting out of Florida before the cold hits here, (15 degrees last year), but we expect to see considerably higher temperatures near the coast. I hope that he cool weather is due to the altitude.


  7. I love cool nights and warm days. Every time I see your photos I am impressed with what a beautiful spot it is.

  8. The cool temperatures are only overnight, and yes it's because of the altitude....daytime high is expected to be 81 today though, despite being 36 overnight. Daytime temperatures here are beautiful....only the nights can be chilly.

  9. The warm days and cool nights sound like the desert in Arizona.

    Whiskeys bottle tree looks great, and a nicxe big campfire is always fun.

  10. love warm days and cool nights...find it much better for sleeping...whiskeys tree looks great!!! It will thrive for sure...great fire!!

  11. I can't believe you've been there three weeks either? I've so enjoyed exploring the area with you. And Whiskey's tree is so beautiful. Sure am looking forward to the next leg of our journey.

  12. I love the way you use phots in your blog to make your adventures come to life! A picture paints a thousand words!

  13. Glad Whiskey's tree is doing well..and that you have a fur friend to visit with. I bet you enjoy that big campfire in the cool evenings.

  14. FULL-TIMERS...Thank you, we think it's good spot. It sure looks like the tree thinks so too.

    Sam and Donna...Putting the plow on the John Deere sure makes things sound cold, brrrr. Thank you Sam, we think it's a nice rememberance of her too.

    Sue and Doug...Yep, it was a big one for sure, it kept us nice and toasty!

    Michael...We are having fun. I don't think we will have a problem finding dogs that want some attention down here.

    Contessa...So do we, it's just perfect!

    Paul and Helen...It's perfect weather here!

    Janie and John...So do we! Thank you, we really love the area here, can you tell?

    George and Suzie...Thanks! Love a big campfire.

    Elaine...Definitely better for sleeping. Love to be able to cuddle up!

    Jim and Sandie...The time has just flown by. We don't feel like we have done a lot yet when we look at our pictures it looks like we have. Haven't been bored yet! We are looking forward to moving on to, not that we are in a rush to leave either.

    Paul...Thank you so much for your encouraging words.

    Donna K...Thank you! It certainly looks like the tree is happy there. Yep, the campfire really takes the chill off.

    Kevin and Ruth


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