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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hacienda Contreras (day 11)

Well I hate to keep going on about the weather, but it's kind of affecting our day to day activities! Normally the rainy season is over by now, but this latest hurricane has put a "damper" on things!

The storm hit landfall late Tuesday evening, and although we have no idea what it's like on the coast, we wouldn't want to be there! This morning, we are getting lots of rain however the center of the storm is now heading north and so we will be spared the worst of it. There is still concern about the amount of rainfall though and inland areas are warning of flash floods and mudslides.

We are south east of Guadalajara and the storm is now tracking north.

On to other things...I came across a website that has interesting stories about life in Mexico. If anybody is interested in reading what life is like outside of the bad things that the media presents to the rest of North America, then maybe you can enlighten yourself by hearing about the good things.

I know most of you are learning about the good side of Mexico through our travels and hopefully you're learning that it's not quite the way most of the media presents it to be. Yes, there is a problem...but it involves the drug gangs against each other and the officials and it does not affect the daily lives of the vast majority of people living and traveling here. From the sounds of it, RV travel in Mexico is going to be up this year compared to last. Maybe it's because the last couple of years Texas and Florida have had less than ideal winter weather!

Anyway, we will continue to present both the good and the bad of travel in Mexico as we see it, and we hope you'll continue to follow along.

Most of our readers have not yet voted for our route choice next month. So far we've only received about 35 votes in total, and we average over 500 individual readers every c'mon you people who we never hear will only take a couple of minutes for you to make a choice...

Thanks for participating!


  1. Glad you are both safe. I hope the storm moves off quickly so you can get back to normal. You're probably getting tired of being inside.

    I didn't vote before because my vote is for the area that takes you to the prettiest beaches.

  2. Rain, rain, go away. It definitely does put a "damper" on doing things outside. But I'm sure glad to hear you kind of missed this one.

  3. dang weather!..hope you are safe and dry this morning!!..soon it will blow over..the big bag of wind!!

  4. It's good to hear the good things about traveling in Mexico and from someone thats doing it.

    Be safe..

  5. Glad to hear your safe and sound...we're all watching you both :)
    stay safe

  6. On the one hand, I really like the pretty colours on the map.


    But it's kind of like going "oohh, aaah" as you watch a refinery explode. Something that's best viewed from afar.
    Didn't you have some rather craptacular weather in Nova Scotia just a very few months ago?
    Just an observation. Hope it's not following you is all.

    I'd say "keep those sticks on the ice", but the only ice in those parts is what's in your drinks.

  7. You have our vote.
    Good to hear the storm is bypassing you. And rain is just another a four letter word like "work" they both get in the way of living.

  8. Hi there! I'm so glad you've sent that hurricane packing and it's in our direction. We're always happy to get Mexico's rain!

    My vote would be for #1, no, #3. I just can't decide! I can see why you left it up to us! OK, #1 because that's an area we'd like to visit one day. But we'll be following along no matter where you go because it all sounds like fun and adventure!

    Be safe and enjoy! Grace & Steve (in Tucson)

  9. option #3, Cheapest...

    We hope you keep safe and love reading your post.

    Jim and I (Catheline, are from Kingston, Ontario and are leaving for Brownsville TX next week.

    Would love to travel to Mexico sometime soon in the future.

  10. Hope the rainy season is over now, we had a thunder storm last night and it stayed cloudy most of the day but the sun may peek through yet.We are watching out for your blog everyday. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  11. Glad that storm is moving away! Don't take any chances if it does turn your way! Prayers for your safety!

  12. I sure hope the weather doesn't get worse! I voted :)

  13. Well we hhad alittle rain today but nothing special and I am 50 km north of PV. So c'mon down, the weather is fine here!

  14. Karen and Al...We are very tired of being inside. Whenever the rain stops we go out and walk around the perimeter for fresh air and exercise.

    Jim and Sandie...It does put a damper on things, but we did want to experience Mexico at this time of year, so we are experiencing it!

    Sue and Doug...Yes, it will blow over and the sun will shine.

    Kenny and Angela...Thanks, we think so too. Now if only the media could grasp the idea.

    Elaine...Thank you!

    Bob...Yes, Bob we did have foggy, raining weather in Nova Scotia, but at least here we are still warm. Haven't had to turn the heat on yet and that makes a huge difference!

    George and Suzie...It won't last much longer then we will have months and months of beautiful blue sky.

    Grace...Hope you need some rain there. Thanks for voting.

    Jim and Catheline...Thank you for commenting. It is always nice to hear from our readers. We stayed in Kingston for 1 1/2 years too bad we didn't know you were there. Have a safe trip to Brownsville and we hope you have good weather.

    Sam and Donna...It should just about be over, then we can enjoy lots and lots of sunshine.

    FULL-TIMERS...OCT.17, 2009...The storm didn't even get close, all we got was the rain from it.

    Kevin and Evelyn...It won't get worse, just better, hopefully starting tomorrow.

    trkdrivinfool...Happy to hear that you had no problems with the hurricane. Depending on the voting we may be in the area next month.

    Kevin and Ruth


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