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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Picking potatoes?... at 6:00am?

Well, not quite but we will be leaving here at 6:00am...therefore posting this before going to bed!

And, Mexico time change is tonight, so we will manage to get an extra hour sleep so it's not as early as it sounds.

We are going into the mountains to an area about an hours drive from here to pick wild potatoes! The hour drive, and then an hour hike to get to the spot. Who knew we would be looking for wild potatoes? This should be interesting!

Cleaned the burner in the refrigerator today. Of course all of you RV'ers know that you're supposed to do once a year, so I don't need to remind you. The number one cause of refrigerator breakdown at the dealer I worked for was simple lack of maintenance. Especially important if you run your fridge on gas a lot.

And it is simple. Turn off the gas valve, and remove the gas line from the burner. Then, one screw removes the burner itself.

All that debris in the bottom of the burner tray ends up falling into the burner itself.

The burner itself...just give it a scrape with a wire brush

All this crap fell out of the burner. Imagine how much would fall out after three or four years? Eventually, it won't have a decent flame, and then at some point it won't light at all.

And, the propane truck came by today, and ours was getting low. It cost 350 pesos ($27) to fill our tank which is about half of what it would have cost in Canada. Cost was 5.96 pesos per litre. (46.5 cents per litre, or $1.76 per gallon).

Off to bed for an early morning on Sunday!


  1. Thanks for the reminder on the fridge burner. Not something I think about often but necessary just the same.

    Going to pick wild potatoes huh? That should be an interesting outing. Anxious to hear how it goes.

  2. Hope the potato picking went well and the fridge burner is rejuvenated.

  3. Great tutorial on the burner job, Thanks for sharing your RV Tech experience with us. It's starting to get cold here in the middle 30's when we get up, won't be surprised with a freeze soon. have to blow out the lines today. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  4. What are "wild" potatoes? Just potatoes that go in the wild? Do they taste different than Idaho potatoes...LOL Hope you enjoyed the beautiful surroundings!

  5. Wild potatoes, as opposed to tame potatoes, kind like a party animal? Sounds like fun day.

    And the burner maintenance is a must, just did ours a couple months ago.

  6. Thanks for the timely advice. Our fridge will not run on gas. It used to run fine, but not since the Norcold recall. I will check out the burner. Have wonderful day chasing the wild potatoes. Be careful, some of them may bite!


  7. Sue and Doug...We did sleep well and didn't want to get up but we did!

    Donna K...I think a lot of people don't think about the fridge burner and it is really fairly easy to do. Wild potato picking was definitely a different experience.

    Paul...It didn't go quite as well as hoped. They were wild and stayed hidden pretty good.

    Sam and Donna...Oh that's starting to sound cold. Hope you got the lines blown out.

    FULL-TIMERS...Well, they are like the root of a vine on a particular plant. We have no idea what they taste like but they are suppose to taste something like a potato. They are quite a delicacy here.

    George and Suzie...Wild potates as in very well hidden in the middle of what seems like a jungle. Very hard to find.

    Paul and Helen...Hope the advice will help. We do find that our fridge runs better on gas than on electric. We didn't get attacked by any wild potatoes so it was a good day.

    Kevin and Ruth


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