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Saturday, October 15, 2011

A visit to Sahuayo

Well I lied. Yesterday I said "today we'll visit Mazamitla for sure" or something like that, and then plans changed! Barb and Sal were going into the city of Sahuayo to order some floor tiles for the new construction, and asked if we'd like to tag along.

Sahuayo is an industrial city about 40 minutes drive from here. It's not a tourist destination, and we've driven by it in the motorhome twice during our travels and have never stopped.

About 45 kms (28 miles) to Sahuayo

So we stopped at a tile store first and they chose the tiles for the bottom floor of the new building. I think it's going to look really nice!

Tiles for sale!

These tiles are about 20" square. Fancy, huh?!

Then we went driving around a kind of residential area looking for one particular shop that sells paper towels. Finally found it. The roads are still very wet from all the rain they had last week.

Lots of puddles.

Then we headed to "el centro", the downtown area. Sahuayo is a very busy little city. People everywhere trying to sell things and "mucho traffico", lots of vehicles, trying to navigate the narrow streets. We found a parking spot and then went to the central square and the market. I stand out as the only gringo in town! Even had one guy in the market come up to me and said in perfect English, "what the hell are you doing HERE?" Too funny.

Sahuayo is a BUSY city!

Juggling for pesos in the intersection.

A neat statue in the center square.

We had a fun day visiting the town and it didn't even rain! I think the wet weather has now passed us by and we had a beautiful sunrise this morning and a clear blue sky right now!

Niko gets along just fine with the local cats as they even share a dinner bowl.


  1. The beauty of our lifestyle is plans can be changed at any given moment, just go with the flow.

    You really have to love smaller Mexican cities, the atmosphere and friendly people so much to see and do, wish we were going back this year. Its also nice to be able to tag along with Barb and Sal a great guided tour.

  2. the beauty of fulltiming and retirement plans are set in jello...nice colourful little town :) glad to see the bad weather has passed...

  3. Ah yes. I sometimes ask myself, "What the hell am I doing here??"

    That cracked me up.

    I too used to stand out like a gringo in Puerto Rico. I'm just under six feet tall (and shrinking) and with the exception of the national volleyball team, whose coach lived across the street from us, I was taller than MOST Puerto Ricans.

    I never did get a head cold though....

    And...they too really had a lot going on in the tiling department. Knowing that there would never ever be any FROST to contend with, our house was tiled. The garage was tiled. The outside patio was tiled. It was amazing.

    But really slippery when wet!

  4. The traffic is what I remember from out visit to Mexico a couple of years ago. I smiled at the question of what you were doing there, as I sometimes asked myself that when I was there:)

  5. I'm rolling on Monday for points south of PV, propably 90 miles or so, hot and humis on the coast! get ready! Keep the rubber side down! 10-4 Driver! ( sorry having a trking moment!) Johnny

  6. Oh I love the tiles. Beautiful. Those roads are a bit narrow for my liking. Your header picture is awesome.

  7. Karen and Al...It sure is!

    George and Suzie...Yep, nothing is set in stone with us. It is great having Barb and Sal around, we learn so much about the culture from them and work on our spanish at the same time. You say you wish you were coming back this year, what's stopping you?

    Elaine...Love this lifestyle.

    Bob...It cracked us up too when the guy asked the question! You should have seen the look on his face when he saw us gringos in the market. Obviously this isn't a sight they see often. As for the tiles, not so many houses have it on the outside walls, but definitely on their floors, steps, patios/decks and yes, slippery when wet!

    Chuck and Anneke...When we are in Sherman we avoid "el centro" at any cost. There are some towns that you just can't avoid the narrow, busy roads though, but we know if the trucks and buses can get through so can we.

    Trkdrivinfoool..Keep an eye on our travels and if we are close at any time let us know and we will try to stop and meet up. Glad you're ejoying the great weather.


    FULL-TIMER...OCT. 17, 2009...I can't wait to see what they will look like once they are on the floor. They already have about a 1/4 of the floor done. We will take some pictures. Yes, some of the roads are very narrow.

    Kevin and Ruth

  8. Loved to see the pics of Sahuayo! The last time we were at Hacienda, we went to the market and strolled around the town. Like you, we were the only gringos around! The people were so friendly. Jerry bought a bottle of tequila in one of the tiendas off the square and the fellow there told him he really should try the local tequila made in Sahuayo - Tequila Hacienda Sahuayo Reposado. We still have 1/4 bottle left. Not enough Margaritas this summer, I guess!!! lol
    The tile looks beautiful and we look forward to seeing all the updates at Hacienda.
    Salud to you all! Great photos!
    Paula and Jerry

  9. Paula and Jerry...Yep, Sahuayo is not really a tourist destination, is it? Sal said the he would take us to a place where they make local Mezcal, so we are looking forward to that, it should be interesting. You will love the changes that Sal and Barb have done. Look forward to meeting up with you somewhere along the road.

    Kevin and Ruth

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  11. The above deleted post was just a test...our Google account has not been working properly and Paula commented anonymous previously...seems to be ok now


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