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Saturday, October 29, 2011


I was reading about RV'ing in Guatemala and Belize, and I thought we might take a trip through there in the spring. Then I thought, if we're going to do that, why not go all the way to Panama?

We had thought about going to Panama three years ago when we were traveling with our friends Glen and Steve. But at the time we had some time restraints and felt that we would have been rushed.

From the Mexican border, it is about 2,000 kms (1,240 miles) to the Panama Canal. The return trip exiting at Chetumal would total about 4,600 kms (2,800 miles).

But now we have lots of time. And it is also easier now that Whiskey is gone because we don't have to worry about pet regulations crossing so many borders. So we're thinking that after we meet up with our daughter and family in January, we will head to Panama.

But, there are several things to consider. First, if we remain at or below our budget of $1,000 a month, we should be able to do it financially. It is slightly more expensive to go through those countries, plus I believe there are permits required for the motorhome in all of those countries, each of which cost money. I'll have to do more research, but I think that alone adds up to five or six hundred dollars.

Next, I've read that you can only get liability insurance when RV'ing south of Mexico. Sherman is only worth about $15,000 so we would have to be willing to risk that amount in order to do the trip. Again, I'll have to do more research.

It would be nice to have traveling companions for this type of journey, so if anybody wants to join us, lets discuss the idea! Anyhow, we've got a couple of months in which to decide.

On to other things, one of the local cats had kittens. We had known "Little Momma" was pregnant when we arrived here, so about two weeks ago she was noticeably thinner. Yesterday, we found out she had three kittens under the wheelbarrow beside the main building here.

Little Momma's kitties

Sal invited us to his mother's place for an early afternoon supper. She had made chiles rellenos (peppers stuffed with cheese) and they were delicious....but VERY spicey! Then, we stopped by their house in town to feed their dog Osa. Sal and Barb have a beautiful house in town, but they spend so much time at the campground they don't get to use it very much!

Sal and Barb's house in Valle de Juarez

And then it was back to the campground for game 7 of the world series. The St. Louis Cardinals pulled off a win, largely due to terrible pitching from the Texas Rangers. It didn't help that the Texas offense couldn't put anything together. St. Louis deserved the win, so good for them!

We've only got a couple more days here and we'll be heading out on our 6 week (or so) trip around to Puerto Vallarta!


  1. Wow - big travel ideas in the planning stage. It'll be fun to follow along and see where you're going. That's the only way we'll ever see those areas.

  2. Those chiles rellenos sound interesting, love spicey food. And you do have some interesting travel plans, panama would be great, hope it works out for you.
    Travel safe.

  3. Panama would be fascinating...i'm in for watching!....would love to join in....but my life gets in the way.....

  4. Guatemala, Belize, and Panama, what a great trip. Your adventurous spirt is an inspiration to us all!

  5. The following site provides much info on traveling in Central America.


    While the info is out-dated it gives a good overview of what you can expect.

  6. I admire your adventurous spirit. The trip sounds fascinating and I will be watching for pictures when/if you are able to make it all happen. Good luck and hope you find some good traveling companions.

  7. i have to downsize in rigs before i take on such a journey but would love to do just that some day...

  8. Oh my gosh! You are leading us into temptation. There is a couple going to Panama late this year or early 2013 looking for travel companions. They have a note on the buddy page of www.rollinghomes.com If you get serious about this I have a lot of info I can send you.

  9. I LOVE the pictures of the kittens. Of course I am very bias.
    Most people look at a new adventure as a couple hundred miles...you two think in thousands! I hope you can follow through with your plans. You blog will be so interesting to read and what a great experience.

  10. Those kittens are so cute! And what a great looking house!

  11. the kittens are so cute!!..are one of them going to make their way into Sherman?

  12. Wow.. Panama! We will be watching your blog and enjoying your travels throughout the winter!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  13. If the details work out, Panama would be a great destination. The canal is certainly on my list of places to see:)

  14. Would so love to go south with you guys - alas not enough funds! Sure hope you go though so that we can follow along and learn for our future trips!

  15. Jim and Sandie...We'll see what happens either way we will be seeing some different places in the new year.

    George and Suzie...They were good but probably the most spicy food we have had for a long time.

    mermaid gallery...I hate when speed bumps like work get in the way of dreams. We will try to provide the entertainment until you can experience these places yourself.

    Janie and John...We do like adventure but will have to do more research before committing ourselves.

    Dave...Thanks for the link, Kevin had already looked at that site before and does find it to be outdated but it could still give us some ideas.

    Donna K...We'll see what the future brings. Definitely sounds interesting.

    Paul and Helen...Who knows, maybe we will?

    heyduke50...We thought so too. We would rather do it in a truck camper but with the reading Kevin has been doing we shouldn't have a big issue with a 28'. Might not get to a few places we might like to go but then there are always buses! Hope you can do this one day.

    Evelyn and Steve...Thanks for the info. Kevin has already been checking out their site. Could be a possibility. I am sure he will be in contact with them.

    FULL-TIMERS...Aren't they adorable? A couple thousand miles isn't much when you consider the size of the USA. Many people travel that over a short period of time, the only difference is that we would be going through different countries instead of different states. I am starting to like this idea!

    Lea...I have been given permission to start showing them lots of attention. Sal and Barb have a beautiful house and a fantastic garden.

    Sue and Doug...I would love to have one but Kevin is putting his foot down.

    Karen and Steve...This isn't written in stone yet. Lots of research first to find out the cost of the trip and what's involved with border crossing etc. Sure hope that it becomes a reality though.

    Chuck and Anneke...It's on ours as well.

    Teresa...It's not only the money but the time too. We certainly don't want to rush through it. We would have loved the company.

    Kevin and Ruth


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