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Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Ottawa, Canada.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Reuniting with Max in Germany on October 1st.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Planning our next destination

Well it looks like everybody who wanted to vote took the time to do so, and we want to thank everybody who participated in choosing where we're going next. It looks like we're taking the route around Puerto Vallarta, so I've been doing some planning for that trip!

So just to give you the official results of our poll, There were 4 votes for route #1, there were 22 votes for route #2, and there were 17 votes for route #3. So route number 2 is the winner!

And so I've been fine tuning it a little bit. Here's what I've got so far...

We'll leave here (A) around the end of October and head to the Villa Corona waterpark (B). Maybe stay a couple of days unless they give us a good deal for a full week. Then to a little RV park in the country (C), probably only for an overnight stop. Then (D) the Koala Campground at the volcanic lake. Then (E) the Los Pinos RV park in the city of Tepic.

After that, it'll be down to the coast where we'll stop at a number of different places, and stay based on the best price. There are a lot of options for RV camping along the Pacific coast from San Blas to Puerto Vallarta so we'll just play it by ear as to where we stay and for how long at each one. Then further down the coast to Manzanillo, before heading inland to the Colima volcano where we want to hike to the top. Then, back to Hacienda Contreras for Christmas.

We'll be gone about six weeks in total. Sounds like fun, huh??!!


  1. Sounds like a great trip. Looking forward to seeing pictures along the way.

  2. This trip sounds like a great choice! I can't remember what I voted for but the coast line would surely be involved. I hope you enjoy it as much as we all will! Buen viaje!

  3. *Gasp*! Yay! I think that was my choice. If it wasn't I'm saying it was anyway. A good mix of ocean and farm land is always nice.
    The winter tires are working just fine by the way. I know it's early to put them on, but they have to be on between Nov. 1st and April 15th. All season radial are also acceptable if they have "M & S" on the snow (Mud and Snow?)
    Now...you don't HAVE to have the tires changed, as long as you park the car when it snows (unlike Quebec) and as long as you're not in an accident. No snows, no insurance. Eeee.

  4. Yup - does sound like fun! Looking forward to coming along with you through the pictures.

  5. I'm pretty sure that's what I voted for. We'll enjoy traveling with you and looking at our pictures while we take some time to work and earn some money for our winter travels.

  6. We will be sad to miss seeing you in Mazatlan but having done your planned route I know it is a great choice.

  7. exciting and for sure we will be travelling along with you via your blog ~ be safe!!

  8. Yea...I voted for #2. Hope you have a wonderful time.

  9. Yay!...glad it is #2. Lots of new adventures awaiting you. Looking forward to travelling along,,,albeit vicariously!

  10. I want to come!!! sounds awesome!

  11. sounds like it will be quite the adventure!..can hardly wait to read all about it!!

  12. Does sound a well thought out trip! I'm sure you'll have great fun!

  13. And the beginning of January you'll be picking up your daughter, son in law and grandson at an airport :)

  14. Jim and Sandie...Thanks, we're looking forward to taking lots of pictures along the way.

    Grace...I am sure we will have fun. It will be nice to see the ocean.

    Bob...We think so too. Looking forward to some new adventures. Guess we are still around today...you didn't waste your time putting on those tires after all!

    Teresa...Thanks, we're pretty sure it will be.

    Kevin and Evelyn...Your weeks will go by fast, you are already down by one week, then you will have your own adventures!

    Contessa...Sorry we will miss you. You can always come down for a visit. We think it is a pretty good choice too.


    where's weaver...Thank you too!

    WBY...Pack your bags then!

    Sue and Doug...We are looking forward to it. Kevin has searched out some pretty good places.

    Paul...I am sure we will too. Looking forward to it.

    Lindsey...Looking forward to seeing you three in the New Year too :)

    Kevin and Ruth

  15. Sounds like a great choice and interesting journey. Have fun and travel safe!


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