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Friday, October 28, 2011

What a game!

If you think baseball is boring, then last night's game would have changed your mind. No point in going into detail, because if you're a baseball fan then you already know, and if you're not, then you don't care anyhow!

But needless to say, we look forward to tonight! Game 7 is always a great way to end the World Series.

Did some bicycle maintenance yesterday. My bike is a good quality older one, and it's had a lot of time sitting in the hot Mexican sun. So the plastic on the gear cables and brake cables was starting to deteriorate. I had bought new cables when we came through the states, so I got them installed yesterday. Ruth's bike is brand new, and she hasn't even really had a chance to ride it yet.

Sal took us into town yesterday evening to his cousin's restaurant. On Thursday's, they do a special and Sal wanted us to try the "pozole".  It's a pork and hominy stew, almost like a soup. There are different varieties around Mexico, and of course the one we had is local to the state of Jalisco.

Pozole for dinner.

Their little black pomeranian likes to sit at the bar!

Then, it was back to watch the ballgame...didn't get to bed until 11:45 or so, and slept in a little this morning. Can't wait for tonight's game!


  1. That's are cardiac Cards !
    so glad a local boy hit the game ending home run. He's from my high schools sister school. It was an omen....won in the 11th inning, this is 2011 and will be their 11th pennant.

  2. This is one of those rare occasions when I actually miss North American TV.

  3. Definitely a game even for those not of the baseball persuasion. The eyes and tongue in that little black face are so cute.

  4. The pozole looks good! So they are still playing baseball:)

  5. We make that soup quite often, there are lots of varities. Most any way we like it.

  6. The pozole looks very tasty so does the beverage beside it. We are not sports fans at all so no opinion really.

  7. I can't believe Texas blew it like they did. What is with all the walks? I rooting for TX! But I really just want a good game.

  8. Yummm that pozole looks GREAT!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  9. Love the sunrise shot. I also have wondered about Ruth and her diet.

  10. Sue and Doug...One of the best games we have ever watched.

    Donna W...Freese did a fantastic job, good for him! I am happy to see that he grew up only 30 miles away from St. Louis. It was such a great game.

    Kenny and Angela...What a great series.

    Bob...Could you not have watched it on streaming video on the interent? Try doing a search on the internet you may still be able to get it, it will be after the fact but at least you could see it.

    Jim and Sandie...It sure was. She was such a cutie, but very shy and didn't want us petting her.

    Chuck and Anneke...It was and so fresh. Nope, baseball is over now!

    Osage Bluff Quilter...It was good soup, I look forward to trying some pozole in the other regions we will be headed too.

    George and Suzie...Everything thing was great, including the price!

    Sandra...I have no problems eating out here. In fact it is probably easier to eat out in Mexico than in the US or Canada. First we don't eat out a lot and when we do we go to restaurants that are local not chain restaurants. Most of the food is made with natural ingredients and other than bread and baked goods they rarely use flour. The staple here are corn tortillas so they are usually served rather than bread. I stay away from breaded fish or meat or any white sauce and pastas and if I'm not sure I ask. Haven't had an issue yet, except for the ice cream I had. I ordered the butterscotch ripple and after I walked away realized it had cookies pieces in it, so Kevin had to eat it.

    FULL-TIMERS...Sorry that Texas didn't win it, but I have to say that the Cardinals played a better game and they deserved the win. Still what a great series it was. Very evenly matched.

    Karen and Steve...It was oh so good!

    Contessa...Thank you. Just read my reply above to Sandra to see how I am making out. No es problema!

    Kevin and Ruth


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