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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hurricane Jova

Hurricane Jova is expected to hit landfall this afternoon as a category 3 hurricane. It looks like Puerto Vallarta is going to take a direct hit, but then the storm looks to be heading north from there. Because we are at 6,300 feet elevation, much of the wind should dissipate, plus we are on the eastern edge of the storm.

But we are expecting lots of rain, with some inland areas forecast to receive 6 to 12 inches. The outer bands of the storm have reached us this morning, and it started raining around 7:00am.

It wasn't bad yesterday though. Had a few showers, but mostly cloudy with the odd burst of sunlight. We did our 2 mile fast walk around the property followed by some push ups and stomach crunches. Then after lunch I got motivated to start polishing Sherman. It's a big job because Sherman's finish oxidizes fairly quickly and so it's not just a matter of waxing, you have to get rid of the oxidation first. I started with the lower storage doors on the passenger side. Got two of them done yesterday, and will do a little bit every day until Sherman is nice and shiny again.

Luz, with her daughter Edna

Then Barb's neighbour Luz came over for her English lesson, and therefore our Spanish lesson. She brought her little girl Edna, who is such a sweetie with her big brown eyes. 

Last night we watched the movie "Paul". It's a comedy about an alien. We thought it was pretty funny, and actually laughed out loud a few times.


  1. Glad to hear you are safe and sound and at such a high elevation...I feel better now :)

  2. So happy to hear that you won't be getting a whole lot of wind. Just so you don't float away. Thanks for the update.

  3. Yes, good to hear that you are inland, higher elevation and should be safe from the hurricane. Rain you can deal with.

    The polishing does take a while, I got ours to a real good shine last year and the frequent waxing and touch ups is helping to keep the oxidization at bay.

    Doing a bit at a time make the job not quite so tedious.

    Keep safe.

  4. you have to watch "how i met your mother" its like friends but WAY better :)

  5. glad to hear you are out of the path of Hurricane Jova!!

  6. Barring any leaks (and I somehow think you're OK in that department) hunkering down in the motorhome during a rain storm can be fun. I'm not being goofy either. There's something about being in your little space, safe from the pounding rain that I enjoy.
    Just the same, if you're in Kansas, screw that idea. Head for a storm shelter.

  7. Hi Kevin and Ruth! I have a few questions for you - your email link doesn't work for me - would you be able to send me your email address through my email? [email protected] Thanks!

  8. Laughing out loud is good for the soul. I agree with Bob, love being in the RV during a rain storm.

    Perhaps you could do a map of where you are in relation to Puerto Vallarta and Hurricane Jova for those not familiar with Mexico!!

  9. Is a day with a hurricane better than a day at work? ;c)

    Nice to have an RV to be dry, warm and cozy in!

  10. We prefer dealing with hurricanes rather than tornadoes, At least a hurricane you can watch it coming and have an idea what you are going to get, Tornadoes don't give hardly any warning and are much more destructive. I guess it's like being able to count your blessings. Be safe out there, storm have a way of passing and then you will say, "That wasn't so bad". Sam & Donna....

  11. glad to hear your not in the eye of the storm stay safe..and dry :)

  12. Hi folks well I am just north of PV at 5 pm and no noticable storn here...yet! I am in a really safe compound surrounded by croncrete and bricks, so no worries. Heading for Acapulco in a couple of weeks, maybe will run into you!! Be safe! Johnny

  13. Nice spelling EH! Too many ceasar's!!

  14. Glad your not in the direct path. Take care.

  15. Thank you everyone for thinking of our saftey during Hurrican Jova. We escape unscathed. There was a fair bit of rain, not real heavy just very steady. We had very little wind and we figured we won't get too much because of our elevation and the mountains in between us and the coast.

    George and Suzie...Yes, the polishing takes time and if he kept it up more it wouldn't be as hard, but our spring was too wet and durning the time at my dad's he was so busy with other projects. He hopefully he will have more time on his hands now to work away at it.

    Lindsey...We don't have good enough internet to download movies and shows, so it will have to wait, but we won't forget, thanks!

    Bob...Looks like Sherman held up well with all the rain, can't see any leaks.

    Contessa...Yes, we love the sound of the rain on the roof too. It has that nice cozy feeling inside, we're just getting tired of being inside!

    Paul and Marti...Thanks, for stopping by. I'm not sure if a hurricane is better or not? Guess it would depend on how bad it was, for us this was much better than a day at the office!

    Sam and Donna...We totally agree that you more advance notice with a hurricane. Not sure about the damage, both can be very destructive.

    Trkdrivinfool...Hope you made out OK. Let us know how conditions are down there by the coast.

    Kevin and Ruth


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