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Monday, October 24, 2011

Nice hike and then a meal out

Ruth and I went on a nice hike up another hill in the area. We could see a road in the distance on the hill, and wanted to see where it went. It was a private road with gates and fences, but the rancher working at the bottom said we could go for a walk, no problem.

It was uphill almost every step of the way, and it wasn't long before we had more beautiful views. It's interesting the perspectives you get looking at the valley from the different hills.

Ruth, hiking up the dirt road we found.

These spiders build webs in the cactus trees beside the road.

Nice view only half way up. Hacienda Contreras is circled in red.

Heading back down after reaching the top. Ruth, on the trail near the bottom left.

Happy hikers!

Going back down. Love the scenery here.

Looking back at the hill we climbed. We made it to the area circled in red above. Nice blue sky all day.

Barb is leaving to go back to Chicago today to visit. So we're going to go along for the ride when Sal drops her off at Guadalajara airport. It's about two and a half hours each way from here to the airport. And we'll probably stop at some of the bigger stores to stock up on a few items. Because Barb won't be back until after we leave, we won't see here again until we return at Christmas time, so we wnated to take them out for a meal. We went to a nice restaurant just down the road from the campground. Including tip, it was 600 pesos ($46.80) for the four of us to have dinner and two drinks each. Would have paid that much just for the drinks in Canada!

My eyes are lightning fast! They close as soon as the flash goes off. Or is it because all of the drinks are in front of me, and this is the way I looked anyhow...?

This restaurant used to be a horse stable!

And I had to finish off with a pic of our grandson Cameron. Many of you will remember when we rushed up to Nova Scotia for the birth of our first grandson, and Cameron is now six and a half months old! Our daughter has a friend who does photography and she sent us a great picture of him...


  1. What a precious picture of your grandson!
    That looks like an awesome hike. Beautiful landscape.
    $46.80...I can see 4 people spending that much money at McDonalds...and it might not even include a drink.

  2. Boy Cameron is sure sprouting up, won't be long and Grandpa will have a hike buddy.Looks like a great night out to dinner too, Hope all is well with you guys, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  3. Beautiful scenery, nice weather, good friends and food, gotta love the prices, Cameron is growing so fast.

    Great post.

  4. Now that's a cute picture of Cameron! You can't feed four people with drinks for that amount here in the states. At least not any restaurant I want to eat in.

  5. Pic of Cameron is adorable...what a happy baby.
    One man's hill is another's me that's a mountain. no paramedics standing by so guess I'll pass.
    Oh, I personally could have done w/o the about more birds or moths instead.
    Love ya.
    Donna W.

  6. I can feel the heat from here. And I love the picture of Cameron, he looks like he's having a fine time.

    I had to chuckle at the restaurant photo, and not just because your eyes are closed. I'm sure I'm the only one who finds this kind of thing amusing, but the only one in your group with a "New York" themed sweatshirt, is Sal!

    By the way, that "cart road" type of pathway you took to get up the hill, is the kind of back road we found ourselves on at one point in Slovenia last year. In the car. Following my wife's crazy driving cousin! And it was hillier than that!
    There's always been something about Slovenia that reminds me of Puerto Rico. The hills. The roads. The crazy drivers. Just not the temperatures...

  7. What a great deal on the dinner and Cameron is a fine looking little man and happy..

  8. Nothing better than a great hike and then a meal out! Heaven!

  9. Cameron is growing up so fast!..such a cute photo!!!

  10. where's weaver...Thank you so much,we think he is pretty darn cute too! We rarely go out for meals but in Mexico we feel like we are getting our money's worth. They even brought out lots of munchies beforehand that are free.

    Sam and Donna...He really seems to be growing. We are really looking forward to seeing him and his mommy and daddy in the New Year.

    George and Suzie...Life is good!

    Jim and Sandie...We thought the same thing, he just looks so sweet in that picture. As Kevin said in Canada our drinks alone would have been that much. That's why we rarely eat out, but here we will probably be doing that a little more.

    Donna W...He is a happy baby, most of the time, according to his mommmy. I could do without the spiders too! They were pretty nasty looking, apparently they are harmless. There is a really big and pretty butterfly we want to get a picture of but it won't stay still long enough to get a shot of him. We'll keep trying.

    Contessa...You bet it is!

    Bob...He does look like he is enjoying himself doesn't he? Yep, that is pretty funny about Sal and the T-shirt, I never really thought about that.

    Kenny and Angela...Thank you!

    Levonne...That dinner sure tasted good after that hike.

    Sue and Doug...We can't believe how much he is growing.

    Kevin and Ruth


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