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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The view from under our awning.

Another beautiful blue sky day. Last year, we managed to go three and a half months without a drop of rain. Wonder what the record will be this year!

Spent a lot of time on the computer yesterday, but still went for our 2 mile walk around the park. I actually  jogged two laps and walked two laps. Gotta try and keep it up when we leave here next week!

Speaking of that, I got an email back from Roca Azul RV Park on lake Chapala. This is actually an "RV Resort", and I think we're going to make it our first stop when we leave here, but maybe only for one night.


The problem is that their nightly rate is 300 pesos ($23.40) which is a little steep for us. But this includes full hookups and we just need somewhere to park without any hookups. So I asked about that, and they were quick to get back to me with a price of 400 pesos for two nights. ($15.60 per night), or 1,200 pesos ($93.60)  if we stay for a week . I doubt we would stay for a week, but that's a little better and we've heard good things about this park so we'll probably stop for two nights, but we'll decide when we get there.

So while we were admiring the view from under the awning, I noticed that the underside of the awning was in need of cleaning. It's actually been that way for a while! I'm ashamed to admit that I have only cleaned it once in the four years we've had Sherman! Anyhow, I got 3/4 of it done, but my neck was getting sore so the rest will get done today.

Did up some potatoes and pork on the Weber grill, along with some fresh cauliflower and carrots. What a good meal!

Watched the movie "The Book of Eli", with Denzel Washington. Not bad, but a little strange.


  1. That low rolling mountain makes me think of PA.Where I was raised in Scranton there were one of those mountains on each side of the valley the city sat in.Gonna send Kevin an e-mail, if you saw yesterday's b;og they found what caused the floor damage. Hope you guys are having a great time and the sunny weather holds out. Be safe out there.. Sam & Donna..

  2. Nice view good weather and a great meal. What else can a person want.

  3. great view from under the awning!..dirty or clean..perfection!

  4. Great view, and great looking meal. I notice the "his" and "hers" wine varietals - a red and a white. In our house that would end up being what we used to call "Two bottle night" LOL. Can't do that anymore.

  5. Beautiful view. You're on the other side of Mexico from this new storm aren't you?

  6. Great view from your awning and after you clean it will be much better. I have cleaned a few for various friends for a free beer our two.

    The meal looks awesome, gotta love that weber grill, Thanks for recommending it!

  7. You mean we have to clean UNDER the awning, too! Sheesh!

  8. We have "The Book of Eli" as a media file, and I've actually watched it a couple times. Yes, a strange movie, and it takes a while to realise that "Eli" is blind.
    I just love the part where he tells the guy he's going to lose that hand if he doesn't move it.

    I too discovered the underside of the awning after we had had our motorhome a few years. Helluva job.

    I'd offer to come down and give you a hand, but well, I gotta hold down the fort here. Sorry.

  9. Lake Chapala is an interesting place. I like the way people were set up down there with their RVs pulled up to a living room size cabana. Lots of expats there. That dry lake was spooky though. Can't wait to hear what you think of it and I think you definitely want to say more than one night. Take care you two. Great looking dinner! Yum is right.

  10. Another beautiful view. Great price on the RV Park. Way to stand your ground.

  11. We must be getting your share of rain and eveybody else's. Wonderful to have such great weather!

  12. Sam and Donna...We love the mountains around us, just can't get enough of them. Glad you found the source of the leak Sam. Now you can get it caulked up and start work on the floor knowing that the problem won't come back. Sure hope the insurance company will cover the cost for you.

    Kenny and Angela...I don't think we can ask for more.

    Sue and Doug...Thanks Sue, we think it is.

    Brian...We are "real" wine connoisseurs, our wine comes out of a 5L box so we don't have to worry about a bottle being left unfinished.

    Jim and Sandie...Yes, we are on the other side of Mexico, well away from the hurricane. We didn't even get any rain from it.

    George and Suzie...Come on over and we'll give you a beer or two if you would like to clean it. Yep, we are really happy with that grill.

    Grace...Only if it's dirty!

    Bob...You're giving away the ending there! We liked that bit about losing the hand too...just dare me! You are more that welcome to give us a hand anytime.

    Levonne...We've been to a few RV parks where people have these set ups but they aren't for us. There always seems to be construction going on and too much noise from it. We will be staying on the southwestern side of Lake Chapala which is further away from the expat communities, we prefer the mexican areas better.

    FULL-TIMERS...We still think it is a lot to just dry camp, but they are suppose to be in a nice location and have a number of ammenities, so for a treat every now and again we will splurge.

    Paul...We love to share...hope you don't get too much rain though!

    Kevin and Ruth


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