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Thursday, October 20, 2011

A busy day with lots of photos!

More perfect weather, so we decided to hike up the hill in front of Hacienda Contreras. But first, Barb was going into town to see the metalworking guy who was building the frames for the windows for the new addition.

So she asked if we would like to come along and see how things are done. Felipe owns the shop and was very proud to show us everything he and his workers do, and how they do it.

They build everything from scratch according to whatever kind of design you want. This is one of Barb's window frames being made.

This is a big sliding door. The cost depends entirely on the weight of the finished product and is not related to how complicated the design is.

This is a railing they made for somebody's balcony.

Owner Felipe showing how they still use charcoal to heat the steel for bending.

One of the finished trim pieces

Felipe hires young workers who show an interest in learning and he teaches them the trade. Some continue to work for him but many have gone on to open their own shops in other villages.

Then it was time for our hike. Barb dropped us off at the gate down the road from the campground. We weren't sure which route to take because there was no clear path up the hill. The first path we tried to take went to somebodys house so we had to retrace our steps to another route.

The first part of our walk went through an orchard. This little orange tree is being very productive!

Happy hikers on another beautiful day!

Looking back on the valley and the town of Valle de Juarez. We climbed that mountain on the left of this picture when we were here in February.

Ruth in the field of wildflowers.

Kevin and the scenery along the way.

A little pond near the top of the second ridge. 

Looking towards the El Tigre mountain range

Looking down on Hacienda Contreras

Can you spot Sherman?

Saw this strange little bug that was shaped like a jet fighter! But when it flew, it flew like a hummingbird....very strange! It was about one and a half inches long and at first I thought it was a baby hummingbird!

We were gone on our hike for about two and a half hours and then we just relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. I did up some hamburgers on the Weber for supper, and then we headed over to Barb and Sal's fifth wheel to watch game 1 of the World Series. St. Louis pulled off a win, and they deserved it. What a great first inning diving play by pitcher Chris Carpenter! This is going to be a good series. Game 2 tonight!


  1. Gorgeous pictures. I think this will be a good series but I am a Texan fan. Good luck tonight.

  2. It was interesting to see how they made those frames and nice to see something being manufactured by hand.

  3. You don't find many made by hand craftsmen anymore in the USA. I'll bet they will be nice when they are finished.We have to root for our hometown Cardinals, They did look good but it's only game one. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  4. Great first I thought your creature was a large butterfly because it looks like it has eyes on its wings...will continue to watch comments to see who identifies it.
    Yep this is going to be a great series, both teams are so evenly matched. not going to be a blowout by either one. But of course I want us to win.
    Donna W.

  5. You and Ruth are sure living the good life!!!..great vistas on your hike!!!

  6. Wonderful pictures today and a great experience.

    So nice to see real craftsmen at work and proud of their work.

    The bug looks like a Tersa sphinx Hummingbird Moth

    Keep enjoying the weather, we can't wait to get on the road in the morning.

  7. No comment on the ball game. I'm pretty sure the bug is a moth, but other than I that, I'm empty.

  8. Love the work the craftsman. And they take such pride in their work. That is wonderful. Not a baseball fan so I definitely don't have an opinion on the series. And bugs - definitely not a bug fan. But yours is very interesting. Wonderful pictures from your hike.

  9. pretty sure your "bug" is related to the hummingbird/sphinx moths

  10. Great aerial view of the RV park. It all comes together with one photo! Looks like you two are having a great time! Enjoy!

  11. It is fun to watch master craftsman at their job. The door is going to be beautiful. Looked like another great hike.

  12. all I can say is WOW and wish we were there beside you :)

  13. Very nice metal work.If I'm not mistaken, they charge by the kilo. Amazing.

    Great hiking.

  14. It sure looks pretty there, I would stay a few months for sure!


  15. I love your photos and captions that involve me in your excursions!

  16. FULL-TIMERS...Thanks! You got the game last night. It's gonna be a close series.

    Karen and Al...We will show you the finished product later. It is pretty neat. They do the metal work and the the glass guy cuts the glass that goes in after.

    Sam...Many things are done by hand here. They are talnted people. It's going to be a good series.

    Donna W...It is definitely a hummingbird moth, just not sure which one. As you said the two teams are very evenly matched.

    Sue and Doug...Thank you, we sure feel like we are living the life!

    George and Suzie...Thanks George. It is definitely interesting to see the work being done. Much different from in Canada and the States. Our bug is definitely a hummingbird moth but not the type you gave us a link to. Thanks for the help.

    Bob...Yep, it's a type of moth for sure.

    Jim and Sandie...It will be nice to see the finished product.

    heyduke50...Yep, it is. Not sure which one though.

    Grace...Thank you! We are having a great time.

    Janie and John...It is interesting to watch. We'll post pictures when they are complete. The door the guy was working on in the second picture was someone else's though.

    Elaine...Wish you guys were here too. Good luck with Rick's surgery next week.

    Chris...Yep, they pay by the kilo. Things are done so different here.

    WBY...We aren't having any problems keeping ourselves busy. It is beautiful in this area.

    Paul...Thank you Paul!

    Kevin and Ruth


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