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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February living expenses and blog income

Well February turned out to be an interesting month in the finance department. It was actually our cheapest month so far this trip.

We thought for sure that January at $1,067 would have been the cheapest month this trip, however it is now in close second place with February coming first at $1,058!

Where can you live and travel in an RV for just over $1,000 a month? Mexico!

We spent $336 on fuel in February. We traveled from Puerto Escondido to Aguascalientes in February, a distance of 1,500 kms (930 miles).

We spent $20 on propane.

We only spent $176 on groceries. This is partly due to February being a short month, and also we are low on a couple of items. And, we had done a fairly large shop right at the end of January. Still, it is an impressively low amount for two people.

We spent $111 on booze, which is nicely lower than the $162 in January when we had stocked up towards the end of the month.

We only spent $79 in the miscellaneous category, which is probably the cheapest month ever in this department. Something usually comes up to make this number higher (like vet bills!), but February didn't offer any costly surprises!

We spent $92 on entertainment. Surprisingly, this includes any meals out, even though our grocery costs were low.

And $244 on overnight costs. Again, this is higher than we like it to be but we enjoyed the places that we stayed.

On the blog income side of things, it was not too bad. We did $94.04 in Adsense income. Didn't quite break that $100 goal that we have, but it was a short month. We're also trying out blogvertise.com where I do separate posts that link to other sites. I try and do these so that you'll know by the title they aren't related to our travels so you can easily skip over them. We did four posts for them last month, and earned $62.50, so if it continues like that it'll be an easy boost to our income. I'll be surprised if we can average that much though. I think the first month may be an anomoly.

So, $156.54 worth of blog income for the month. That's not bad, but we will keep working on making it better so that we can continue traveling!


  1. Amazing! Well done! I know for a fact we could never do that.

  2. Contessa...We have to be tight with our budget or esle we won't be able to RV fulltime. We still spend enough to enjoy ourselves though.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  3. Excellent budget, we get by on a little more twice that amount every month, but its below our estimated budget, so we manage quite well, on only an early Canada pension for me and some investment income. We do what we have to do. Don't want for anything and have been fulltime since 2006. An amazing lifestyle as you well know.


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