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Monday, March 21, 2011

Wycombe, Pennsylvania

It rained last night, and was overcast when we woke up this morning. We drove again right away, but pulled off the highway just before Wilmington because rush hour traffic was getting heavy.

We sat it out for a couple of hours. It rained again on and off all day. Sent an email to the Wycombe Vineyards (part of the Harvest Host program…visit the link on the right of this page to sign up!) to ask if we could park there overnight.

We took the highway around Philadelphia. I must say, this whole area from Washington through to New York City is a bit of a nightmare for RV’ers. Not our style of relaxing driving at all!

We didn’t get a response back from Wycombe Vineyards, but we decided to head there anyhow because it was kind of along our route. We pulled in, and right away owner Debbie was outside to say hello. I explained that I had sent an email, but didn’t get a resposne, but it turns out her husband has been ill and not on the internet. But no worries, she welcomed us with no problems and showed us where we can park.

Just to explain, the Harvest Hosts program is for RV’ers to be able to have a free overnight parking spot at a winery or orchard or that sort of thing. There is no obligation for either party, and there are no hookups. Just overnight parking. And, I’m sure the winery hopes you buy a bottle of their product.

Sherman, parked up at Wycombe Vineyards

Wycombe Vineyards is such a pretty spot, and it’s hard to believe it’s so close to the congestion of Philadelphia. We took Whiskey for a walk, but it had rained a lot today and the fields were pretty muddy.

Potroast and a bottle of wine...nice!

Debbie invited us in for a tasting, despite the fact that they are not officially open today. We picked out a nice bottle of 2008 Chambourcin to go with dinner, but she wouldn’t accept any money for it, saying she wasn’t about to open the cash register just for that. She said it was a gift. I hesitated to tell you all that, for fear that others might show up expecting a free bottle of wine, but I needed to express our appreciation publicly. It’s just another example of how nice people are. We have often spoke about being treated with open arms by the Mexicans, but it is a fact that we have met nice people everywhere!

Today's drive 107 miles (171 kms)


  1. What a wonderful way to end a hectic driving day!

  2. One of our favorites pot roast, you were sure shown some good ole PA. hospitality. Lots of nice people up there. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  3. It is my obsevation that Nice folks generally have nice things happin to them, and Grumpy folks generally runs into grumpy folks.

  4. A perfect day, rainy weather is good for a potroast, free parking at a vineyard, samples and their wine, gotta love it. Looks yummy!

  5. Contessa...You said it!

    Sam and Donna...Pot roast is great on cold days, it warms up the motorhome nicely as well as us. Definitely nice people here.

    I.M. Vayne...You got it, what goes around, comes around.

    George and Suzie...Almost perfect...the driving could have been nicer. Our only complaint for the day.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  6. Yummy, that meal looks so good.......

  7. We're following you around next year. Your meals are always the best. Great cooking in exchange for translators and guides???? :)

  8. Looks great, will definitely sign up once we are on the road!

  9. Gail...It sure was and leftovers for another night.

    Chris...You got yourself a deal! Can you translate for us and teach us Spanish?

    WBY...We think it is a great program. There are definitely more places out west than there are out east, so you would make lots of use of it out there.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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