Max, enjoying a rainbow view near Berat, Albania.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Berat, Albania.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? South towards Greece.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina

Sure enough, we slept in a little this morning, and we didn’t leave Pete and Pam’s lake house until just after 9:00am. They have a dump station at the house, so we made use of that before we left. Then we stopped at their store and gas bar and filled up the fuel and the propane. With full fuel, full propane, and empty holding tanks, Sherman is a happy camper!

The new air springs work well, and Sherman sits perfectly level even with 600 lbs or so of fuel in the back end. I find that with that much weight behind the rear wheels it takes too much weight off the front end, so really he still drives the best with maybe a half tank of fuel, but at least we can fill up now without worrying about the back end dropping too low.

However, we had one mishap. One of the airlines I installed too close to the exhaust manifold and it popped. Not a big problem, because it went when we were stopped for a break. I guess with no airflow the heat was too much. Anyhow, I had to cut the line and install a manual fitting that came in the kit, and reinflate it. I’ll have to buy a new piece of line and route it a little differently.

Big accident on the I-95

Boring drive today, and all 302 miles (484 kms) were done on the I-95. Saw one fairly bad accident, but it was well off to the side and didn’t affect traffic very much. Made it to Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina which is only a couple of miles from the Virginia border. Parked at Walmart for the night, along with about 13 other RV’s.

Today's drive, 302 miles (484 kms)

Should make it into Maryland tomorrow. It will be Sunday so we’ll try and get past Washington and Baltimore while the traffic is hopefully quieter.


  1. Sucks about the air line, good thing you got it repaired and back on track.
    The scenery is still pretty, even though it seems boring. Way more boring here in the cubicle pushing paper!

    Enjoy the rest of the drive, thanks for the update!

    Drive safe, take care.


  2. Heading north, I guess you will notice the temps going down soon,are you going through Pa & New York or heading east up through Vermont. Hope you have continuing good weather. be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. Hi Guys

    It looks like you are planning to stay on 95 through Washington and New York City. The popular snowbird route is to swing west at Fredericksburg over to 81 then north to 78/22 to 33 north to Stroudsburg then 209 through the Deleware water gap to 84 then 84 to 90 east to 495 to 95. This bypasses a lot of heavy traffic and about the same distance. Also of interest there is free parking with electric in Lewiston Maine at the Ramada Inn just off exit 80 from 95. You have to go in and register but there is no charge easy in and out close to 95.

  4. looks like you went right by us when you went through fayetteville... happy trails ahead for you tomorrow...

  5. WBY...Yes, I guess any scenery is better than looking at cubicle walls.

    Sam and Donna...Already looking at colder temps, and it looks like it is going to get worst as we head north. Not looking favourable at all!

    Rick and Elaine...Thanks for all the info. Not sure if we will take that route, we might just take some backroads and take more time going around. Looks like we might make that stop in Lewiston though, thanks for the tip on that, you know how much we like FREE!

    heyduke...We did stop and check the internet to have a look where you were, but you hadn't updated at the time and we knew you looking for somewhere else so we didnt want to take a chance that you moved on and that we would miss you and make the slight side trip for nothing. Maybe we will meet up again one day soon.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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