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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lewiston, Maine

Woke up before 7:00am and moved from the Wal-mart parking lot, just like we promised we would. The Advance Auto Parts store was just a block away so we went to their parking lot which was empty to wait for their 7:30am opening.

The same guy was there, and he wasn’t happy. My part didn’t show up. He had already been on the phone because their whole shipment didn’t arrive, not just my part. Anyhow, not his fault, and he even called the nearby Autozone store to see if they had one, and it turns out they did.

So we went to Autozone and got the part. So here’s me underneath Sherman in the cold, installing a sway bar bushing at eight o’clock in the morning. It’s only two bolts, but of course nothing is ever as simple as it should be and to make a long story short I was under there for 45 minutes or so. Not happy to be under there in the cold, but at least now it’s done. For now. The other three bushings will get changed this summer sometime. When it’s warmer!

One other problem though, is that the thermostat that I changed in South Carolina is defective. The old one was making the engine run too cold and I knew it wouldn’t provide enough heat for us inside when we got up to the cold weather, and it turns out this new thermosts is making it run even colder. It should be running at 195F but it seems to be around 175F. So we don’t have enough heat inside, and my feet get cold driving! I don’t like the cold! Anyhow, we’ll live with it for the time being because it’s now too cold to be working on engine parts.

What's that white crap flying around??!!

Hartford, Connecticut

Trucks getting diesel fuel in Massachusetts before the Connecticut border where it gets more expensive.

Still lots of snow on the ground in Maine

Pretty much an uneventful drive today. We did 246 miles (393 kms) and made it to Lewiston, Maine. It’s cold here, with highs around 35F (2C) and lows around 28F (-2C).

As per a recommendation by readers Rick and Elaine from New Brunswick, we are parked up at the Ramada Inn in Lewiston, Maine.

Rick said: … there is free parking with electric in Lewiston Maine at the Ramada Inn just off exit 80 from 95. You have to go in and register but there is no charge…

And it is a great overnight spot, but it does cost $10, and the front counter people at the hotel tell us that it has always been $10. And yes, they do have 30A electrical outlets. And it also includes use of their very nice indoor swimming pool and hot tub!

We took Whiskey for a walk on a nearby snowmobile trail. There is still lots of snow on the ground here, but Whiskey enjoyed rolling and running and playing in it. Me, not so much! But it was a nice walk. Then, we took advantage of the dinner buffet the hotel restaurant does for $6.90 each. At that price, we went into it with low expectations, and so we weren’t disappointed. However I’m not sure we would have paid any more than that!

Sherman, parked up at the Ramada Inn, Lewiston, Maine.

Then, we went for a dip in the pool and a soak in the hot tub. Almost felt like we were on holiday! $10 well spent. Almost tempted to stay another night, but we have more driving to do tomorrow. Should be in New Brunswick, Canada by tomorrow evening. Sure does look cold there. Lows of around 18F (-8C), so good thing we have lots of propane and battery power!

Todays drive, 246 miles (393 kms).


  1. sorry you had to encounter the white stuff... took notes on the Ramada as we hope to venture into Canada going that way this summer if time permits...

  2. Nilda has got the same cold feet problem. Everytime I asks her if'n she'd like to drive Ol' 5th Wheel, she comes down with a case of cold feet. I can see how beein' up in the snow where y'all is, the problem could be excalibrated.

  3. The transition back to the cold weather is not an easy one, we are not looking forward to it, but will be nice to see the family.

  4. How about stopping at Walmart and getting some of those hot pack things to put in your socks?? Nothing is worse than being cold when you are driving your rig north! Colin seems okay but I bundle up with a blanket as do the girls.

  5. no white stuff here and temps around 0, when the suns out it feels warmer :)

  6. Hope you guys don't get anymore snow before your in NS. My sister said they had snow in PA on Monday, it's near 40 today here in MO. should start back up in a couple of days.Have a safe trip. Sam & Donna...

  7. Hey that's not snow!! We got way more over here we could share with you!!!

    Sucks about your feet! Missing Mexico already!

    Stay safe, drive safe and keep blogging.

  8. Hot tub is worth it alone, not to mention the 30 Amp. You are lucky to have a great support team while you are working on Sherman.

    What a difference in climate. Yikes!

  9. heyduke50...We will live through it. You will love Canada it is really beautiful, just expensive. The Ramada was great.

    I.M. Vayne...I also have Nilda's problem with cold feet. Roads were clear and dry so we were lucky it was just cold.

    George and Suzie...We don't like the cold, but you are right, it is great to see family.

    Contessa...We forgot to look for them in Walmart. Only one day left then we will be fine.

    Lindsey...It's cold but sunny. Hope you are right about it being nice next week.

    Sam and Donna...Looks like we will miss the snow.

    WBY...NO, we don't want your snow! YES, we miss Mexico!

    Chris...Sitting in the hot tub was the warmest we felt all day. Sure miss those sunny hot days in Mexico.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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