Walking on the beach at Pogradec, Albania.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Pogradec, Albania.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Shkoder, Albania on May 19th!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cross, South Carolina

Not a great night at the Cordele, GA Walmart. Do not put this one on your list of overnight places to stop! The train tracks are what did it, we heard train horns blowing pretty much all night long. Oh well.

We got up and hit the road again right away. Stopped in the town of Hawkinsville and parked in a church parking lot across from a motel advertising free internet. Knowing full well that we’d only have an hour or so and the parking lot would start to get busy with church goers. So we did our blog posting and checked emails and got out of there before things got too busy.

Going for a walk in Millen, Georgia

Stopped again, in the town of Millen, Georgia (pop 3,500). This little town had recently spent a lot of money renovating it’s downtown historic section. We parked at the side of the road and took Whiskey for a walk. On one side were the shops, and on the other side was the original railway station (now a museum) and then the train tracks. We spoke to a woman and mentioned what a nice town it was, and she said yes, it’s a nice quiet town….but there are no jobs. That is the one thing about small town America right now, and I’m sure it’s a common complaint. I wonder how Millen came up with the money to do this recent renovation because most other small towns we’ve driven through have been looking pretty run down in the central areas of town.

Highway 301 is so nice and with hardly anybody on it...not sure why anybody would choose the Interstate over this, but if you're heading north from Florida or south to Florida this is a much better choice.

We arrived at Lake Moultrie in South Carolina around 4:00pm, which is an hour later than I figured but we had two time changes to do over the last day, so we were a little messed up with that. No worries, we quickly got parked up overlooking the lake and enjoyed the rest of the day.

Sherman is very happy here!

Our friends Pete and Pam and their dog Gracie were some of our original blog followers going back to when we had our travels on mytripjournal.com. They had invited us to visit on our trip to Florida a year ago, and we’ve kept in touch. They are also RV’ers, and it seems we have a lot in common so there’s never a shortage of things to talk about.

This is a really nice spot, and we’re hooked up to water and electric, and they even have a dump station for us to use when we leave…it’s so nice that maybe we won’t leave! And, they bought one of those “mi-fi” cellular internet devices and left it with us to use during the day. So we have internet! And, they left us a car to use. We are so well looked after! Thanks Pete and Pam!

They’re calling for highs around 75F (24C) all week, so it should be a great last week of warmth for us before we head to Nova Scotia.


  1. I think with great friends like that I would stay a few days too. That was really nice of them. You also have a nice parking spot, I hope it is warm enough to sit outside a spell. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. Gotta love the small towns, back country highways, and especially the waterfront view out your windows. Enjoy the warm weather while you have it.

  3. That is a nice spot to park and what great friends,what else would a person need.

  4. Sam and Donna...I think we will stay at while. The weather was beautiful today, hope it stays like that.

    George and Suzie...Love the backroads and then parking up with the waterfront right in front of us. Life is good!

    Gail...We will thanks!

    Kenny and Angela...Nothing!

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  5. Hu guys. dont be in too much of a rush to get to Nova Scotia its still cold and lots of snow on the ground looks a lot better where you are.

  6. Really enjoyed following your trip this winter. When the wife and I RV we usually on hearing a train say, "there must be a campground around somewhere".

    You have had some beautiful stays..!

  7. Chris...He is isn't he! He was sure happy to have a rest from driving.

    Rick and Elaine...As much as we don't want to rush, we want to be there for the end of March when our daughter is due to have her baby. The snow is totally gone from where she is. We are just hoping not to get a storm as we travel through.

    Garry...Glad you enjoyed our travels this winter, we really enjoyed them as well. Maybe campgrounds are around train tracks because land is cheaper? Other than that Walmart we have been lucky with not being near train tracks.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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