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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Beeville, Texas

I went to sleep okay last night, but the loud music woke me up. Chris said later that it was after 3:30am when it stopped. So we were kind of tired this morning, but we said goodbye to Chris and Juan and still got on the road shortly after 7:30am.

We took the toll road that runs from Monterrey, and then near Laredo we did the extra drive to the Columbia bridge crossing which is quiet. It’s about an extra 50 kms (30 miles) but we feel it’s worth it because it’s not very busy, and there’s lots of parking. We stopped on the Mexican side to turn in our visitor permits and then headed across the bridge. The American border guards asked a few questions, but was mostly concerned with our food supply and made us pull over for a closer inspection. It only took a few minutes and they walked off with the sandwhich meat, the sausage, and the pork chops.

50 miles into Texas, we had to stop again at a border patrol inspection station. The two guys who interviewed us were more curious about our three and a half months in Mexico, and the fact that we didn’t see anything dangerous. Once again, we feel that Mexico is only dangerous if you are in the military or the police or the drug business itself. Mexico is not dangerous for tourists, providing you use some common sense.

We ended up stopping at the Beeville, Texas Walmart. It was around 4:30pm and we had driven 511 kms (317 miles) which is definitely a long driving day for us. There is not a lot of scenery on this whole route, so haven't really got any worthwhile pictures to share.

Today's drive, 511 kms (317 miles)

We did this whole trip to Mexico without a barbeque. We had meant to buy one on the way down last November, and we even looked at a few in Walmart and Lowes but couldn’t see what we wanted. Stupidly, we didn’t buy anything…we should have at least bought a $29.95 cheapy, but before we knew it we were in Mexico and a portable gas BBQ is difficult to find down there. So now we’re in the Walmart here in Beeville, and we decide to check out their BBQ selection here. We had been looking at the Weber Q120 last fall, but it’s a little too big and we wanted the Q100 which we couldn’t find. This Walmart actually had one left but it was in an opened box. So I found the assistant manager and asked if he would give us a discount on the opened box item. It was regular $149, which was a pretty good price to begin with because  they are $179 in Canada. We checked the parts and everything looked good, it was just the box had been opened for someone to see what it looked like. He said he would discount it to $125, which was a better deal than I was expecting. When we got it to the cash, the girl put it through at $120! An even better deal!

This Walmart has signs all around the perimeter of the parking lot saying “No Overnight Parking”, but we asked anyhow. She said sure, they just have the signs to discourage it because they don’t want too many. I asked where to park and she said, “oh, right at the back near the signs that say you can’t!” and we both laughed.

Tired, and hoping for a good sleep tonight. Beeville is only 13,000 people, so it should be pretty quiet.


  1. Good deal on the Q, we bought a small propane one that folds up and I converted it to run off a small bottle instead of the little containers that last one Q.Looks like you are making time, hope you get to stop and rest some. be safe out there. Sam & Donna

  2. Welcome back to the states!! We go into Progrosso quite often and as you say - it's safe very safe just use some common sense. The people don't want to lose their tourist $$$'s

  3. Glad you got thru the border alright. Only 7 months to go!! Like you I am already planning what I need to bring back next Nov. We plan to cross at Sonoyta on the 29th.

  4. Glad you guys had a great winter in Mexico and your trip to the border was uneventful. It was great meeting up with you guys and we will see you in seven months. Let us know how the Telcel USB works in the U.S. Hi Whiskey!

  5. welcome back to the states and higher gas prices, wait till you get up to the maritimes! yikes! better park for 6 months or more to save up.

    that is a long drive, take it easy

  6. Excellent deal on the Q, that is next on our list once this one wears out. Its kinda hard to wear long pants, sweaters, shoes and sock again, but something you have to do, safe travels.

  7. Sam and Donna...Kevin is thinking about getting a connection so that it can be hooked up to the propane tank on the motorhome. We were hoping to try it out last night but it was too windy.

    Bob and Vicky...That's the way we feel too, but the media goes out of it's way to paint a bad picture of Mexico.

    Contessa...Yes, we will soon be counting down the days again and planning our route. Good luck with your crossing, hope it goes as smoothly as ours did.

    Chris...Looking forward to seeing you guys again in 7 months or so. The Telcel stick ran out our last night in Mexico. Kevin tried last night here and if we put $42 for 5 days and max. 20mb a day, we would be able to use it. Just a tad expensive! Kevin is going to look into the same kind of thing with Cricket, here in the States.

    WBY...We can already see the change but still way better than Canada. When we were out east last time, that's when gas was at it's all time high and we managed, I am sure we will again. Trick is, as you say stay parked up longer.

    George and Suzie...We are happy with our deal on the BBQ, don't think we could have possibly gotten it any cheaper. Yeah, not happy about these long pants etc., hopefully won't be for too long.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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