Walking on the beach at Pogradec, Albania.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Pogradec, Albania.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Shkoder, Albania on May 19th!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cordele, Georgia

Not sure what the temperature got down to last night, but Ruth got up in the middle of the night to put the electric heat on, and even when we got up around 7:00am, it was still only 57F (14C) in the motorhome.

Again, we hit the road right away and did some driving before finding a free internet stop.

Enjoying the nice Georgia backroads

Lots of pecan tree orchards

We went through a time change today, so we’re back on Eastern time. So we lost an hour doing that, and then we lose another hour tonight with the daylight savings time change. Our systems are going to be messed up for a couple of days!

Arrived at Cordele, Georgia and headed for the Walmart to do some grocery shopping. We decided to spend the night in the Walmart parking lot, even though it’s not one of our better choices. Near the I-75, and way too close to some train tracks that are fairly busy. But by the time we finished shopping it was already starting to get dark, so we stayed put. Hopefully we’ll get some sleep tonight because we have about 275 miles (440 kms) to do tomorrow to arrive at our friends near Cross, South Carolina where we’ll rest up for a few days before doing the long run to Nova Scotia.

Todays drive, 212 miles (340 kms)


  1. Looks like another good day, 200 mile days are more relaxing, and you can stop and see things. Hope the daay temps are coming up, usually by April 1st the south is starting to warm up. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  2. Watch out for those tornadoes. apparently there was one in Alabama yesterday!

    Drive safe!

  3. Sam and Donna...You're right 200 miles a day isn't too bad, but we perfer about 120 miles. Still it seems like all we've been doing lately is driving. Looking forward to relaxing for a bit.

    WBY...Weather has been great. Must have been in an area we weren't near. We will be keeping our eye on the weather and will leave Cross, SC when we know we have good clear weather for our drive to Nova Scotia.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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