View of Berat, Albania.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Berat, Albania.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? South towards Greece.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Potrero Chico (day 2)

A bit of a loud night last night. There was music coming from somewhere until the wee hours, not real loud, but just loud enough to be annoying. No worries, we still got up fairly early, and went for a morning hike.

We headed up a washed out old road that leads to an abandoned calcite mine. We passed all the signs that warned of danger and not to enter, but there were no gates or fences. The path afforded a beautiful view of the valley, but it was a little cloudy and they had even warned of a 50% chance of rain! Have I mentioned that we haven’t seen rain since November? :-)

Ruth and Whiskey on the trail

Can you see Sherman?

Ruth overlooking the valley

Kevin at the entrance to the old mine. Should have brought a flashlight!

Took a few nice pictures, and made it up to the old mine. The entire hike up and back took us an hour and a half, and Whiskey seemed to keep up with no problems. It was a bit overcast all morning, but it never did rain.

We got back and shortly before we were to make lunch, our friends Chris and Juan showed up and offered to take us into town for lunch. We went to a little kitchen that makes a variety of Mexican food (Chris had a hamburger!) and it was really good.

When we got back to Potrero Chico, we went for a walk to the area where the rock climbers do their thing. Those people are nuts! But I suppose if you start practicing at the bottom and gain confidence, that eventually the height doesn’t bother you? Maybe?

Can you see the rock climbers? No? Here, I'll zoom in on them for you...

These must be the beginners!

Ruth made a really good roast chicken dinner for us all, and then we sat outside for the evening. Only problem was a group of young people who had rented the facility to have a party, with very loud music. I am writing this at 11:30 pm, and it is still going. Not impressed. This is a nice spot, but maybe next time we’ll make sure we’re not here on a weekend!

Heading for the Texas border tomorrow morning.

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