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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

It was still drizzling when we woke up this morning, but the forecast said it was supposed to clear so we stayed put for a couple of hours. Plus, we were waiting to hear back from our friends Paula and Jerry who are trying to arrange us an inexpensive stay where they are at an RV park near todays route.

We had met Paula and Jerry when we were staying at Hacienda Contreras near Mazamitla in Mexico two years ago. Coincidentally, they live in Nova Scotia very close to our daughter Lindsey and son-in-law Justin.

They sent us a note saying we could dry camp somewhere on the property for $10, or have a full hook up site near them for $16, which is the same price they are paying under the Passport America RV park plan.

So we headed for Poche’s Fish n Camp near Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.

We stayed off the Interstate and took all back roads. We did 131 miles (210 kms) and it took just over 3 hours. The skies did clear up and it turned into a decent day.

Starting to be some green on the trees!

Arrived at Poche’s about 2:00pm and we were given a site across from Paula and Jerry. We were charged only $15, and we found out later the owner has a little game going with Paula and Jerry who have been here for about two weeks. She figured she would annoy them for fun and charge us less than what they were paying! We like those games!

Growing rice and crawdads!

So we visited with them for the afternoon, and then I put together our new Weber Q100 barbeque. Probably the best portable bbq we’ve ever owned. Only used it this one time so far, but first impressions say I’m very impressed. Now just have to figure out where to store it!

Looking out Sherman's front window at Paula and Jerry's truck camper

Had a campfire in the evening, and talked about RV’ing in Mexico. Paula and Jerry didn’t go this year because they did the Florida Keys instead, but they can’t wait to return next year.

We still have to do laundry, and they have some good inexpensive machines here so we’ll do that in the morning before we leave. Then, we’re headed for the Biloxi, Mississippi area where we’ll find another casino to park at.


  1. Looks like a nice park, Thank goodness for good friends and you have company too. Have a great time in LA. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. I saw the weather report in that area this morning and was concerned about you two and then checked your blog and see the beautiful blue skies. Hope you missed the nasty stuff! Buen viaje! Grace

  3. Gotta love those kind of deals, in our home park north of Peterborough we had friends allowed to park their motorhome on our site free.

  4. Looks so pretty there and peaceful!!!

  5. Great safe still the same boring stuff here in SMA.......sunny and warm and lots to do..see you in the summer Les

  6. I predict that you'll really enjoy your Weber. They're becoming increasingly popular, and there's a good reason. We bought a Baby Q in The Netherlands when we first moved overseas on sale for €150. That's going to sound like a lot, but it's the best price I could find and have seen since. Some things can be a tad pricey here. Probably has to do with the 19%vat.
    Anyway, it's worth every, Euro cent. Whatever.
    I had one of the local hard ware type places make me up a proper hose and end fitting so I could use the big tanks of propane. You'll get tired of using the little tanks in a hurry. Trust me.

    Back home we have the larger model that I really didn't want to ship, in case of needing something to use when there. (Plus I would have had to change the fittings...)

    I purchased the "adapter hose" for that one too, so as to be able to use it with a 20 lb. tank. On the motorhome I installed a "T" fitting to run it off the big tank. I left that set up attached when we sold the motorhome, but I did keep my hose.

    A fellow can always hope to own another RV.

    Just remember that it is a "grill" and not a BBQ, so it will tend to cook a little hotter than a BBQ, but with the most even heat distribution I've ever experienced.

    Have fun!

  7. Sam and Donna...I was a nice park, very quiet at night and if you like fishing they have a number of fish ponds. It was nice to see our friends and spend some time with them.

    Grace...We definitely missed the worst of the weather, but it was still miserable and rainy the day before and turned nicer the next day.

    George and Suzie...You bet! We always say "it's not what you know, it's who you know"

    WBY...It's actually a busy place and during the day not so quiet, cars, trucks and RV's driving by but at night it was beautiful and quiet and the fish ponds give it very a relaxing feeling.

    Les...Sure do like those boring days, like you are ever bored! Enjoy that hot sun for us, we are missing it.

    Bob...We are sure you are right about liking the Q100. Kevin has only used it the once and already loves it. He thinks it's the best BBQ...errr grill, he has ever cooked on. Looking forward to using it more. That sure does sound expensive, but then almost everything is Europe is expensive.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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