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Friday, March 11, 2011

Open Pond Recreation Area, Alabama

Had a good sleep at the Grand Biloxi Casino, but we were both awake early so we left right away and did some driving. I used http://www.gasbuddy.com/ to scout out a cheap gas station along our route about 20 miles away.

Sure enough, it was $3.29 a gallon ($0.87 a litre) when all other stations in the area are about $3.43 a gallon ($0.91 a litre). When you’re putting in 30 gallons (113 litres) at a time, that’s a worthwhile saving to us.

And, there was a Holiday Inn Express right beside the gas station, and it had an unsecured internet connection. So we sat and had some internet time.

Neat looking mural on the side of this building

Looked like a forest fire, but we think it was controlled burning. Sure looked out of control though!

When we stopped for lunch, Ruth noticed that the carpet under the water pump was wet. I had a quick inspection of it, and it looked like water was leaking from the housing. I stuffed a rag under it for the time being, because I didn’t think there was anything I could do without removing the pump, and that would entail draining all of our fresh water out.

We headed for Open Pond Recreation area, about 20 miles south of Andalusia, Alabama. I had found this campground on the internet, and it said they charged $12 for electric/water site, and $6 for primitive camping.

Sherman, parked up for the night with electricity for $12

Open Pond is a pretty spot

We arrived at Open Pond around 2:00pm. They have four different camping loops, two with hookups, one used mostly by groups, and one primitive. We had originally wanted a primitive site, but with our water pump problem, we will need to refill the water tank. Plus, it’s supposed to go down to 36F (3C) tonight so we’ll be able to use our electric heater. So we paid for a $12 site with water and electric. This is our kind of campground. Good rates, good choice of private sites, and lots of area for walks and hiking and biking. We could easily spend a few days here, but we don’t have time this trip. Will mark it down for a future visit.

I had a closer look at the water pump. I’m figuring it needs a seal kit, or if the price is right I’d have to buy a new pump. The only thing I could think of was to tighten the screws holding the housing to the motor. They wouldn’t tighten much, but they did turn a little bit. Tested it out and…no leaks! Not sure if this is only a temporary fix, so I’ll have to keep my eye on it, but for now it is not leaking.

Heavy duty fire pit

We went for a walk, and then I went into the forest and collected some firewood. This campground has the most heavy duty fire pits we have ever seen! It must have cost a small fortune to equip 67 sites with these. But do they ever work well. Our fire burned nicely!

We used the new Weber 100 to do hamburgers and baked potatoes. Once again, I can see why the Weber lineup is so popular with RV’ers. I think this bbq grill is going to see lots of use this summer.

We were tired, and went to bed at 9:30pm. It’s going to be a quiet night!

Today's drive, 177 miles (283 kms)


  1. should have gotten you to pick us up one of those bbq's.

  2. Indeed a perfect camp spot. Got tip about 'Gas Buddy', I had forgotten about it. Gracias. So how cold did it get?

  3. Weber is the best bbq to buy and use. We just love ours. You can also get a cart for them that folds up flat. Nice campground. Dale & Mary-Lou

  4. that place looks nice. how full was it?
    the price is decent too.
    I love the new little bbq!!!

  5. We just love the way you guys travel and are taking notes..

  6. nice looking campground, gotta love those kind of places.

  7. ...forgot to say, just love 'borrowing' internet from Holiday Inn and others! No need to buy a 'stick' for the US.

  8. Lindsey...Sorry, but they only had one BBQ and it was open that is why we got such a great price on it.

    Contessa...We use Gas Buddy all the time. No we probably don't need an internet stick, but when we are somewhere like here at Open Pond, there is no wifi and nothing else around, that's when one would come in handy.

    Dale and Mary-Lou...Kevin knows already that he will love it.

    WBY...We were surprised it was about half full. We thought it would have been quieter at that time of year, but it was a Friday night.

    Kenny and Angela...Thanks, hopefully we can add to those notes.

    George and Suzie...It was beautiful. Wish we had more time to spend there. We will remember to go back.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  9. In 1997 we celebrated our 20th anniversary with a trip to Biloxi and the surrounding area. We stayed at the Grand Biloxi Casino, inside since we didn't have our RV :)
    What a beautiful area.

  10. Kevin and Evelyn...Hope you enjoyed it and yes the area is beautiful. Love the gorgeous sand beaches.

    Kevin and Ruth


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