Max, enjoying a rainbow view near Berat, Albania.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Berat, Albania.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? South towards Greece.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Southington, Connecticut

We rushed out of Wycombe Vineyards just after 7:00am to try and get some driving in before we hit any rush hour traffic. Stopped at Liberty Corner, New Jersey, around 8:30am and used some free wi-fi from the Marriott hotel. Thanks Marriott!

The scenery was nice today, but still an awfully lot of traffic. Between the number of new cars and the speed they are going and the number of restaurants and the lineups going into them, we have decided that there is no recession, and that people have lots of money to burn.

The states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey could spend some money on their roads though. Lots of potholes and bumps. Why haven’t they figured out how to build roads in this climate? I don’t get it.

Connecticut scenery

Still ice on the lake!

And patches of snow at the side of the road!

Nice toll bridge...$2.50 for Sherman

Twisty windy uphill road. Sherman thought he was back in Mexico!

We pulled into the Wal-mart at Southington, Connecticut around 4:30pm. The signs entering the lot specifically said no overnight parking for campers or RV’s and that the lot is patrolled by police. So I went in and spoke to the assistant manager who said that we were fine to park there overnight at this time of year, and would we please leave before 7:00am. Excellent. And, free wi-fi from a nearby liquor store.

I noticed an Advance Auto Parts store nearby, so I went over to see if they have a sway bar bushing in stock for Sherman. They didn’t, but they insisted that they could have it here for 7:30am, so we ordered one. But, they did have a gas cap in stock, and Sherman has needed one since Mexico!

Cold tonight. Temperature supposed to go down to 26F (-4C) so Shermans furnace is already keeping us nice and warm!

Today's drive 196 miles (314 kms)

We did have some great news today though...readers and fellow bloggers Sam and Donna held a raffle for some Microsoft Streets and Trips 2011, and we won the version with the GPS included! Now Ruth will be able to have live GPS mapping on her laptop while we drive. Very cool...thanks Sam and Donna...and Microsoft!


  1. Streets and Trips is a great program, we have used for years with the GPS. The Mexican maps are right on too (new for 2010), enjoy it!

  2. Curious to know if the part was there at 7:30AM!! We don't use a GPS but a CPS...Contessa Positioning System. Works great except for the time we drive right thru Centro in some tiny inland village!!

  3. No thanks needed, my Granddaughter Nicole pulled the winners, and she had a ball and felt so important doing it.Have you ever noticed when you get to PA, & New York, it is not only cold, but the ground looks older, must be all that coal and mine stripping's.a couple of days and you will be back in your homeland and with family, let's us know when the baby arrives.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  4. UGH see what you miss when you miss a couple of blogging days? I would have loved that program!
    Oh well, next time.


  5. Goerge and Suzie...It looks like a great program, I think we will have lots of fun with it. Kevin had noticed that it included Mexico so that is an added plus.

    Contessa...Nope, it didn't show up. Up until this past winter, we have always used the paper map system. It has always worked in the past, but Kevin just wanted some added insurance with the GPS and we still went through centro a time or two.

    Sam and Donna...Thanks, to Nicole then, she did a great job! We are looking forward to the program. Sounds like a fun program to work with. I'm not sure that PA and New York look old, but it sure looks barren and cold with no green leaves and grass.

    WBY...Maybe you can get in on someone else's contest in the blogging world.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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