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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dover, Delaware

Slept fine at the Roanoke Rapids Walmart. Got up about 7:00am, and hit the road right away. It’s a Sunday, so we want to make it past Washington and Baltimore while the traffic is hopefully a little quieter.

We decided to get off the Interstate just after Richmond, Virginia, and take highway 301 towards Annapolis and then take the Bay Bridge over Chesapeake Bay. We had seen a sign advertising the Dover Downs Casino and Racetrack so we pulled over for a break and found an unsecured internet connection to check and see if this casino allows overnight RV parking. I found conflicting reports, one site that said no, and another couple that said yes. We decided that we had never been to Dover, Delaware so we made the trip figuring that we always find somewhere to park.

Some kind of tree in blossom. Dogwood?...maybe?

Going over the Severn River

Heading over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Freighters in Chesapeake Bay

We actually thought that we had never been to Delaware at all, but when we were on our honeymoon to Florida many years ago, we took all the coastal roads south so we had in fact been to Delaware, if only for a few miles. We’ve definitely never been to Rhode Island, so maybe we’ll head there along the way if we have time.

Here's a classic! Any guesses what year it is? Maybe early '60's...?

And sure enough, the Dover Downs Casino and Racetrack does allow overnight RV parking on their gravel oversize vehicle lot, however you do have to check in with security and provide them with your vehicle info and your players club card number, which is free to join.

We went in and did some gambling at the penny slot machines…this time it was my turn to come out ahead. Ruth lost $5.85, and I earned $8.30! So we walked away $2.45 to the good! We have visited three casinos since we entered the U.S. and have been big winners each time! I think we’re up almost $11 in total!

The weather is supposed to be miserable tomorrow, and we somehow need to get through Philadelphia and New York City. I think we’ve decided to go up and around them both and take some side roads and avoid all the congestion. It will be a little longer, but much more enjoyable. We’ve had a couple of 300 mile days in a row, so we’re actually a little ahead of schedule. I think we’ll slow down a bit for the next couple of days. Besides, temperatures in Maine are looking awfully cold so we don’t want to rush into that!

Today's drive, 282 miles (452 kms)


  1. Before we started full time RVing we lived just 45 minutes from Dover DE. We use to own a house in Chestertown MD. It almost made me homesick looking at the pictures.........

  2. I've driven x country a dozen times and the last time I drove through NY city with a motorhome I swore it was the last time as getting off the G.Washington bridge at 7:30 AM. there was cars going 90 degrees across the highway and a stalled truck in one of the middle lanes. I now take I 84 thru CT, NY, and PA then drop down. In '03 I drove that route in December leaving on the 28th towing a ford explorer on a trailer with my right leg in a cast with no problems. A lot easier road.

  3. I'll take a stab at it, I think it is a late sixties Travco. Check it out. I had seen one in Linares, N.L. about three years ago. I'm looking for the pic.

  4. Gail...Glad we could bring a little bit of home back to you. It is a beautiful area around here. Wish we had some time to explore it.

    Kenny and Angela...You betcha, and that's exactly what we are doing.

    Mickey...I think you are right. We are still trying to stay away from the main area, but its still not a lot of fun.

    Chris...You are right on the make and the timeline, I think it might be a 1968.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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