Max, enjoying a rainbow view near Berat, Albania.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Berat, Albania.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? South towards Greece.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Around 9:20am we left Whiskey to look after Sherman, and walked to el Centro (downtown) which was only about a 15 minute walk. We’re on a busy street, and we wanted to explore some of the churches and buildings so it didn’t make sense to have Whiskey with us.

One of the things we wanted to see was how this busy street gets through el Centro. The hotel clerk had suggested we just drive Sherman right through instead of going back to one of the ring roads to get to Zacatecas. But the road going through is restricted and heavy trucks are not allowed. So we wanted to make sure we would make it, and that we wouldn’t get a fine.

A tunnel passes directly underneath the central plaza.

It turns out that it is a tunnel going under the central square. It must have been quite the construction project. We never did find out when it was completed. Anyhow, we asked a policeman if it was okay for a motorhome, and he said yes. We asked another policeman who was directing traffic on the other side of the tunnel and he also said it was okay, and asked what time we would be going through. We said around 1:00pm, and he said he would be working then. There’s lots of traffic, but we would save a lot of time and distance by going straight through instead of using one of the ring roads.

Anybody need to buy a casket?

Then, we took and hour and a half or so to walk around and explore. Aguascalientes isn’t really a tourist destination, but there’s easily enough to see here to take up a day or two.

The main cathedral is beautifully restored.

Inside the cathedral.

This government building has many arches.

And real floral displays.

These matadors are practicing.

These three are fixing the worlds problems!

There was a photo session going on with these models wearing pretty dresses.

We got back to Sherman and had some lunch before heading out into the traffic. Made it under the tunnel and out the other side and got stopped at the intersection where the second policeman was directing traffic. Of course it’s very busy, and the sidewalks are full of people who stare at the strange sight of a motorhome downtown. The policeman gives us the thumbs up sign, and I yell out the window “gracias” and we carry on through town. No es problema! Made it to the outskirts and onto the toll highway to take us to Zacatecas.

Driving through downtown Aguascalientes.

We arrived in Zacatecas around 3:00pm and had driven 111 kms (69 miles). We stopped at a Soriana grocery store and stocked up on a few things before driving around the corner to our friend Alejandra’s house where she lives with her son Tonio. We are parked on the street outside her house in a newer residential neighbourhood.

We visited with them for a while, and then took a drive in Alejandra’s car to check out our route out of town, and then went for tacos for dinner. Alejandra needed to do some shopping, and we stopped at the Walmart Supercenter here before heading back to Sherman for the night. We’ve decided to spend one more day in Zacatecas before heading further north on Thursday.

Today's drive, 111 kms (69 miles)


  1. Aguascalientes is a very pretty town, and they all are so clean looking, the young girls are simply gorgeous.Looks like you had a great tour the pictures of the Cathedral & buildings are great, Thanks again for taking us with you. Be safe on your journey. Sam & Donna...

  2. We love seeing all the pictures of the diffrent towns.

  3. Excellent drive and fun journeys, but I think maybe you will need to pick up the pace soon to stay on schedule.

  4. ...but I think maybe you will need to pick up the pace soon to stay on schedule.

    Yep, we know! We plan on crossing the border March 6, and arrive South Carolina March 13. That gives us a two week window to find some good weather to drive north to arrive Nova Scotia for the end of March!

  5. Drive safe, great little town!


  6. Lots of gringos living in Aguascalientes now. They claim they like the clean streets and the honest cops.

  7. Sam and Donna...The town was very clean, something that we remarked about to ourselves as we were wandering around.

    Kenny and Angela...We love visiting the different towns.

    WBY...We thought so too!

    Chris...We didn't see any gringos while we were there, not like SMA. The streets we walked on were very clean and the police we talked to were helpful.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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