Walking on the beach at Pogradec, Albania.
Where are Kevin and Ruth now? Pogradec, Albania.

Where are Kevin and Ruth going next? Shkoder, Albania on May 19th!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

No baby yet...

Well that was the second coldest night we have ever spent in the motorhome. Temperature went down to -6C (21F) but with the windchill it was -14C (7F). These are near record cold temperatures for this area.

At this rate, we’ll need to refill the propane in a few more days! It is supposed to warm up a bit by Tuesday, so let’s keep our fingers crossed. Clear blue sky all day though, so at least the batteries get recharged.

Bay of Fundy tides

We went to Justin’s Mom’s place for the afternoon and for supper. They have one of these X-Box live Kinect video games. I guess we have been out of touch with the advancement of video game technology over the last three years. We have tried the Nintendo Wii game before so were familiar with that, but we think this Kinect game is very cool!

Kevin playing the Xbox Kinect

Because it was along the way, we stopped in at an RV park just to have a look. Not impressed…it was almost full of seasonal campers packed together. That’s not the type of spot we’re looking for. We honestly don’t see the attraction of a place like that, although obviously many people do.

Played another game of Scrabble with Lindsey and Justin this evening. It’s been a long time since we’ve played…I think we’ll have to pick up a travel version for the motorhome!

Yesterday was Lindsey’s due date….we’re still waiting!


  1. Nice to be hangin out with the family, except for the cold. We came back to Ontario too soon our first year, too cold for three weeks, wont do that again.

  2. Baby will come when he's ready. Have you let him know that you arrived? Maybe he's still waiting for you?

    Good luck to Lindsey on the birthing, and prayers for a healty happy newborn soon!


  3. I think the baby is waiting for warmer weather,I would..good luck

  4. It is amazing that XBOX, you ought to see my three Grandkid's on it. I am just not a gamer I guess.Hope you don't have to wait to long for the babies arrival, I know how waiting for a Grandbaby is imagine how MOM feels. be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  5. Looks like you are enjoying your time with the family. Haven't played scrable in years. My Mom and Dad loved that game.

  6. At least you are there...friends had to leave Mexico early cuz the gran baby came early!!

  7. George and Suzie...We keep saying that we don't want to see the cold weather again, but we always seem to come back to it too early. Maybe next year?

    WBY...I think he is just waiting for warmer weather before making an appearance. Thanks!

    Kenny and Angela...Ours thoughts exactly!

    Sam and Donna...I (Ruth) am not a gamer, but I even I had fun with this Xbox Kinect. No wires or cords, it mimics your body movements, so cool! Mom-to-be is pretty anxious and just wants it to be over.

    pidge...We are, thanks!

    Contessa...Yes, we are happy to be here before the baby was born.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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