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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Our route to South Carolina

Tomorrow (Sunday) we will enter Texas at Laredo. We plan on being in South Carolina a week from tomorrow, and that's about 1400 miles (2,258 kms), or 200 miles (322 kms) per day. Should be no problem, since we will stick to the Interstate for the most part, even though it's not our most favorite way to travel.

So here's our approximate route. If you have any suggestions of where we can stay free or cheap that isn't too far off our route, we'd love to hear about it. Or if you have a convenient driveway we could park in, we'd love to meet you. Or if you know of a casino or other free overnight parking spot. We know that most Walmarts will allow us to park overnight, and we will do that as a last resort, so no need to mention them. Thanks for any help!


  1. well if we were still living in College Station you could have stayed there... we will be just north of you in North Carolina in about days where will be staying in and around the area till May...

  2. We just drove almost your exact route and arrived in Charleston SC today. Here's a link to a totally free campground in Tomball, Texas, very close to Houston. Eight sites with full hookups in a nice quiet park. We were lucky and got a site without reservations but I recommend you call in advance.

  3. Isle of Capri casino, just off the interstate in Lake Charles, LA

  4. We stayed at Spring Creek Park in Tomball last year too. Just as Evelyn pointed out, they only have 8 sites and people are allowed to stay a full week. So you really are better off trying to make a reservation. I think Ellie actually called the woman who does reservations a couple of times, and I think she doesn’t work on weekends. Anyway, Evelyn gave you a good suggestion, it’s a great park and it’s FREE!

    So we will be looking for you sometime Sunday afternoon? Would you stay Monday too? There is some decent hiking here. You can tour “The Boardwalk” (its 2.4 miles long) in about 2 or 2.5 hours (walking slowly) and/or there is some other hiking too. Check in for the book docking parking lot is through the Visitor Center and it’s still completely free.


  5. Sure wish you were taking the middle of the country route over I-70 but it is warmer on the route you chose,plus you can enjoy the Atlantic beaches for a couple days before,Maybe next time we will get a chance to meet you, If you take I-81 through Scranton just past River St where you see the big Hospital on the hill to the left blow the horn,That where I spent 3 months last year with my Little sister that live a block from the hospital.Hope you have an easy time getting into the states again at the border. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  6. Welcome back to the USA. Hope your trip is a safe one..

  7. heyduke50...We will have to go through NC, where will you be? Maybe we can met up somewhere if it isn't too far off course for us.

    Evelyn...Thanks for your suggestion, we are heading there today.

    Diana...I think we stayed there three years ago and may stop there again. It was a nice spot. Thanks!

    John and Ellen...Not sure if we will actually stop in at the campground you are at, but while we are in Cross we may be able to visit you, or stop in for the afternoon or morning on the way to or from Cross. We'll be in touch with you when we have a better idea of our plans.

    Sam and Donna...Sorry we won't be able to meet either. Maybe in the fall. We also won't be going by Scranton, we will be further east.

    Kenny and Angela...Thanks!

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey


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