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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January living expenses and adsense income

We had a pretty cheap month in January, only spending a total of $1,067. It's a good thing because for some reason our adsense didn't have a great month, with not nearly as many people visiting our advertisers, even though we had an increase in visitors.

We always hope for an adsense month that's over $100 because then we get paid for it the next month. In January, we only had $70.65, so we won't get that money until towards the end of March.

It's tough to figure out why more people don't visit the ads. They don't cost anything to visit, and one can almost always see something that might be interesting. They're all prescreened by Google, so there's no worry about viruses either. I find that people tend to visit more of them at the beginning of the month, and then interest drops throughout the month.

As for expenses, we didn't move around much in January, so we only spent $84.75 on fuel. This will be a fair bit higher in February though as we need to get closer to the Texas border before the end of the month.

We spent $19 on propane.

We spent $367 on groceries, but we had Alex with us for the first two weeks of the month, plus we only stocked up again a couple of days ago.

We spent $162 on booze, but again, we only stocked up the other day so February should be low in that department.

$167 on "miscellaneous". This category has always surprised us, the little things really do add up over a month. These items ranged from sunscreen, to taxis, to our monthly $42 or so for internet.

We spent $78 on entertainment for the month. This includes any meals out.

And $188 in overnight costs which is still a little higher than we'd like it to be, but not bad.


  1. I am always hesitant to click on the ads. It seems that when I do, I then have a week or two of spam!

  2. Can't possibly be related, Contessa. There is no possible way that your visiting an advertisers website would tell anybody what your email address is.

  3. Hi Guys,
    John here from CaravanCamperRV.com. I think I found your site on ToSimplify.net, Glenn's blog. I'm surprised to hear you say you spent that much for "overnight costs" considering that Glenn only spent $14 in nearly two years of full-timing! There are so many places to park for free, you don't EVER need to pay! Check his blog and see how he does it! As for booze, we don't drink, so that saves another chunk!
    Sorry to hear that you lost your beloved pet. We have one, too, that adopted us, and now he's our "baby", a snow-white German Spitz with an IQ that's off the charts and loving heart to match. He's about 5 this year.
    We're marketers, too, and we had better luck with Amazon,until they cancelled the program here in AR, but now we're rebuilding everything and going through SkimLinks, which uses Amazon, among many other aggregators. They're based in the UK, so they don't have to deal with the sales tax issues. But we also have several other sites,including Toolsorter, on which tool boards is our main product.
    I'll continue reading your blog. It looks like you have great stuff here! Good luck with it, and let me know if I can help in any way with web site or marketing issues.


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