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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Acapulco Trailer Park

We didn’t rush to leave this morning because we knew it wasn’t a real long drive to Acapulco. Still, we were on the road at about 9:00am.

We had done this drive two years ago, so we knew that the only difficult area was getting around Acapulco. You don’t want to be driving a motorhome through Acapulco, so there’s a bypass route that’s not very direct, but it avoids any congested areas. One of the sections of this route is a 15 km (9 mile) toll road, which is nice to drive on but again, toll roads are pretty expensive in Mexico. It cost 84 pesos ($7.00) to drive this section of road. We’re not sure why, but we were given the car rate instead of the bus rate.

One guy with a shovel did all this?

It wasn’t a bad drive today but it still took us about 3 ½ hours to do almost 180 kms (112 miles).

You can see the detour we took around the city of Acapulco.

So we pulled into the Acapulco Trailer Park just north (west?) of Acapulco. We had been here before, and it’s not really our type of park, but it will do for a couple of days. It's one of the more expensive parks, at 250 pesos ($21.00) per night. But that includes wi-fi and water and all the ammenities and Sherman needs a good cleanup. We can get caught up on internet and do a big grocery shop.

People in Fort Myers Beach Florida pay well over $100.00 a night for a spot like this! So maybe $21.00 is not so bad...

The park is busier than we expected. There are maybe 15 units here, a couple of them stay all winter. Three or four are from Germany. One of them has been in South America, and is heading for Alaska. Two or three are from Quebec. One is from Montana, and a couple from British Columbia.

Spent the afternoon on the internet and doing some reading. Went for a walk on the beach around 6:30pm and watched the sunset. Acapulco sunsets are legendary, and you can be guaranteed a beautiful picture every night.

There's another military base here, and you're not allowed to walk on this section of beach. This guy makes sure that you don't!


  1. Any chance you can get over to Playa Luces, on the other side of the military base. I really would like to know if the RV park is still open and if it isn't asking too much, a few photos! The prime sites there are at the waterfront and have the individual pools. If you've never been, the ride in the collectivo is worth it, if only to see all the 'stolen' electrical lines along the way. We Rved at Play Luces for years and sort of helped rebuild it and now I get no answer from them!

  2. Ooh! Maps! Gotta have maps! They make all the difference. Of course, a little hard to manage if internet is limited.
    Twenty-one bucks in not bad at all, considering the location, temperature and view...and wifi.
    A pleasure to see you're having a fine time.


  3. We pay more than $21 in alberta and don't get wifi or that awesome view! LOL

    Still so jealous, your header picture makes me want to jump through the computer to that beach!!!


  4. Contessa...We were too busy today to go there but have decided to stay "uno mas dias" one more day, so we will try and bike there tomorrow and give you an update.

    Bob...Yeah, the maps are great. Always nice to see where someone is in relation to the bigger cities. We haven't done one for a bit just because we were more or less retacing our steps. We also forgot to put in the GPS location of our spot in Playa Ventura. Will try and remember this on our other spots.

    WBY...I know by Canadian and American standards $21 isn't alot, but by Mexican standards it is. Kevin and I just try to remember that we are in a touristy area and that we do have all the amenities. Mind you we did try to see if we could get a better price with no electricity but they wouldn't give us one. We can't understand this as electricity is expensive.

    Kevin, Ruth and Whiskey

  5. Acapulco trailer park is awsome,we are Canadians and been traveling to pie de la cuesta now at the trailer park for 4 yrs ,we stay an average of 5 mths at this site , the owners, (Raphaela and edith are always there to make your stay as comfortable as they can , the park is approximate 20 minutes from downtown Acapulco, love this place


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