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Monday, February 14, 2011

Zihuatanejo (day 3)

Valentines Day is apparently a big deal in Mexico, with lots of young couples walking around holding hands and carrying heart shaped balloons and stuffed animals and other gifts. We didn’t do anything special just for Valentines Day, but I think it seems like we do special things every day!

Out for our morning walk

Our friends John and Wendy wanted to take us to a special restaurant overlooking the Zihuatanejo bay, so we left Whiskey at their apartment. La Escolerra a bit of a fancy place, and we would never have gone there on our own so that’s why it’s nice to visit with people who are more familiar with the area. They have a website at http://www.restaurantlaescollera.com/

Beautiful view from the restaurant

As part of the restaurant, they have a swimming pool with one side that overlooks the bay. It’s a bit of a pricey place, so we only had drinks and Ruth and Wendy used the pool. It’s pretty neat and it almost looks like you could fall right off the edge!

Afterwards, we walked down to the Playa La Ropa area. This is the beautiful beach you see on the right side of the pictures above. There are a couple of RV parking areas here, but the serviced ones are very expensive. We visited the El Mangler RV park, which is really just a parking lot with RV hookups. They charge 6500 pesos ($546) per month, and I can’t see any attraction to the place for that kind of money other than the beautiful beach. Apparently they have good stable electricity and air conditioners are running all the time, so that’s probably a good part of the monthly rate. I think that these places should have metered electricity at the parking spots so that people who are frugal aren’t subsidizing people who have their A/C running at all times. I guess frugal people wouldn’t be staying there anyhow! There is also a large open parking area only a few steps away that is totally free. That is where we would have parked had we not been visiting with John and Wendy.

We had a late lunch at a restaurant along Playa La Ropa, and then Ruth and I walked back to downtown while John and Wendy took the bus.

I don’t know how long the blue sky and sunshine will last, but we have now gone over three full months without any precipitation. The last time we saw rain was in Dallas, Texas on November 13.


  1. What a great restaurant, with a pool even. I loved the resort we stayed in in Cancun where the bar went out into the pool and the stools let you sit up top your waist in water, what a way to enjoy a cocktail or two.Looks like you luck with the weather is holding out, we had some really bad weather in the last three months. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Looks like you had a great day. I love the swimming pool picture that makes it appear the Earth is flat after all!


  3. Sam and Donna...We find that a there are a number of restaurants in Mexico that have pools. They entice customers in to spend the day that way and spend more money.

    John and Ellen...Yeah, we thought it looks pretty cool with the bay in the background. Safe travels back to Florida.


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